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Created by:
Sascha Krasny
update: 08/03/03

  Digital Experiences: Fonts
  Font packs: Typical Indy font packs include a font looking like the one of the "Indiana Jones" logo and one looking like the subtitles under the Indy logo.
Font sites: Websites are specialized for rare fonts like Sanskrit.
Windows vs. Mac: Truetype fonts (TTF) can be used with any Windows system. Mac users need to convert them using font conversion tools.
  Adventure font pack  
  Maybe the most popular Indy fonts. These fonts are freeware and ©1998 by Neale Davidson. The ZIP contains the fonts and a readme file: Adventure.zip (20 kb)
name modification date size
Adventure.ttf 22.03.1998 18.068 bytes
Adventure Subtitles.ttf 25.03.1998 13.464 bytes
  SF Fedora font pack  
  Another set of Indy fonts. These are also freeware and ©1999 ShyFonts Type Foundry (www.shyfonts.com). The ZIP contains the fonts, a sample image and a readme file: SFFedora.zip (77 kb)
name modification date size
SF Fedora.ttf 23.10.1999 31.128 bytes
SF Fedora Titles.ttf 23.10.1999 29.800 bytes
SF Fedora Titles Shadow.ttf 23.10.1999 56.268 bytes
  Treehouse Safari & Ventures font pack  
  An extensive set of Indy fonts. These are not free and ©1997 David Occhino (http://davidocchino.com/portfolio/typography/index.html). The demo ZIP contains two limited fonts (only few letterer available) in several variations and a readme file: TreehouseDemoPC.zip (64 kb).

Safari (= Indy logo) fonts specials:
¤ letters A-Z (caps and lowercase. Please note special variations between letters in capital and lowercase.)
¤ numerals 0 - 9
¤ punctuation: ! " % ' ( ) * , - . / : ; ? \ ¥ Ò Ó Ô Õ
¤ special adventurer dingbats: fedora hat and bullwhip, the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, Forbidden Eye of Mara, Egyptian god Anubis, evil Nazi swastika in circle, evil Nazi swastika in square
¤ careful spacing and kerning
¤ available at http://davidocchino.com/portfolio/typography/safari.html

Venture (= Indy title font) fonts specials:
¤ letters A-Z and a-z (capitals and lowercase)
¤ numerals 0-9
¤ punctuation: Ð!"!@#$%^&*()-=_+[]\|;:'",./<>?Ö¥ª¨©ÒÔÓÕ¡Ó¬«`~¦
¤ international characters
¤ careful spacing and kerning
¤ available at http://davidocchino.com/portfolio/typography/venture.html

name modification date size
safao___.ttf 23.03.1997 49.052 bytes
safarg__.ttf 23.03.1997 36.184 bytes
safas___.ttf 23.03.1997 49.804 bytes
vento___.ttf 09.03.1997 41.040 bytes
ventoo__.ttf 09.03.1997 51.504 bytes
ventrg__.ttf 09.03.1997 27.748 bytes
ventrgo_.ttf 09.03.1997 31.792 bytes
vents___.ttf 09.03.1997 59.416 bytes
ventso__.ttf 09.03.1997 74.584 bytes
  Temple of the Forbidden Eye / Mara font  
  This is a special font looking like the secret messages used at the Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye ride. No author is given. The Windows ZIP contains only the font but no readme file: Marafont.zip (29 kb). There is also a Mac font file but since I have no Mac, I can't test it: MaraFont.Bin
name modification date size
Marafont.ttf 27.04.1995 40.792 bytes
MaraFont.Bin 24.06.2000 56.704 bytes
  RK Ancient fonts pack  
  This is a big pack of ancient fonts including Sanskrit, Meroitic (Hieroglyphics, Demotic and Transcript), Oldpersian Cuneiform, Ugaritic Cuneiform (and Transcript) and Greek with accents (a modification of the font "Symbol"). These fonts are freeware and ©1997 by Reinhold Kainhofer (fonts.kainhofer.com). The archive contains the fonts, an installation program, doc and wri files with examples and readme file in English and German language. Available for Windows (219 kb) and for Macintosh (190 kb).
name modification date size
SYMBACC.TTF 18.07.1996 75.868 bytes
MERO_DEM.TTF 18.07.1996 13.348 bytes
MERO_HIE.TTF 18.07.1996 22.828 bytes
MERO_TSC.TTF 23.03.1997 15.116 bytes
PERCUNEI.TTF 18.07.1996 46.928 bytes
SANSKRIT.TTF 28.03.1997 53.660 bytes
UGARITIC.TTF 03.08.1996 21.400 bytes
UG_TRANAS.TTF 23.03.1997 12.716 bytes
  Morgane's Medieval Download Haven site  
  Looking for medieval fonts Morgane's Medieval Download Haven is a good place to go. They have free medieval and celtic fonts for download.
(posted by Bamindy at the Indyfan.com Forum, 03.08.2000)