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Indiana Jones and the Revenge of the Ancients

Revenge of the Ancients - box
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Genre: Text Adventure
Producer: Angelsoft & Mindscape
Released: 1987
Data Medium: floppy disk
System Requirements: original: "IBM PC, 128K or PCjr with 256K minimum". today: This games runs in the DOS box of any Windows. Start START.BAT to begin the game.
Description: Hack your way through the steaming, tangled Mexican jungle. Fight off the onrush of vertigo as you grope through the treacherous, tunnel maze in the treasure-laden Tepotzteco Pyramid. Tighten your grip as you dangle from the wing of an airborne World War I DeHavilland.
Whatever it takes, INDIANA JONES, you must stop the cruel Nazi, Plebinheim, and his SS thugs from unleashing the power of the Mazatec Power Key against the world.
Vicious bats, venomous snakes, marauding bandits - even for the daring INDIANA JONES, this is going to be tough!
Info: This is a real Indy game rarity: A good old 80ties text adventure, similar in format to many Infocom games of the time.

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manual info about the used commands.
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... download a playable
copy (84K, ZIP).

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  MOVE #0

With the whine of bullets humming in your ears like annoying mosquitos, you
drop through a gaping hole, hoping it will lead to the central chamber of the
Tepotzteco Pyramid, and not another Mazatec trap. It's about time you found the
power key and got it back to the Army types in D. C. As your boots hit the
solid stone floor there is a scraping and sliding noise as a massive stone jams
into place above you.

This is a vast, shadowy space. An evil smell mingles with the sound of dripping
water. Riverlets of viscous slime run down the eastern wall from an invisible
seam far above. Through a door to the south, in the center of a domed room is a
golden key, radiant in a shaft of white light. To your north is an open
doorway, eighteen feet high, through which a luminous glow emanates. A carved
stone panel is centered in the western wall.

If this is the central chamber you can't be far from the key. The legends say:

He who holds the key controls the Earth's pulse.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - The Action Game

Last Crusade - The Action Game - box
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Genre: Action, Jump & Run
Producer: Lucasfilm & U.S.Gold
Released: 1989
Data Medium: 5 1/4" floppy disk
System Requirements: EGA, CGA or Tandy graphic adapter; keyboard, keypad or joystick for movement; PC-speaker for sound; on up-to-date PCs this game runs a bit to fast
Info: This game is another version of the Last Crusade games for the C64, Atari and Amiga. The basic design and level configuration is the same except some changed details. For example in the first level Indy meets evil boy-scouts because the programmers used the Indy figure graphic for the evil guys too...
A two-fisted Action Game from the people who brought you the smash hit movie.
Whip those bad guys ... as only Indy can!
Use your whip! Use your fists! Use your wits!

For this game you can ...
... read
The Byzantine Crusade (articles, gameplay, credits).
... read some
manual info.
... get some
cheat codes.
... download a playable
copy (304K, ZIP).

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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - The Action Game

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Genre: Action/Adventure
Producer: Lucas Arts
Released: 1992
Data Medium: floppy disk
System Requirements: EGA or higher graphic adapter; keyboard, keypad for movement; Soundcard for sound;
Info: This is the rather unknown Fate of Atlantis Action Game. The basic layout (5 levels) and story is the same as in the Commodore 64 version but the graphics and the controls are better.

For this game you can ...
... see the game intro animation.
... download a playable
copy (782K, ZIP).

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title screen casino playing
left: The title screen. | middle: Level 1: The casino. | right: Now, what?
hello sophia game credits
left: My name is Jones, Dr. Jones. | middle: Sophia, the Blondie... | right: Game credits.

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