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Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures

GA box  

Genre: Action, Jump & Run
Producer: Factor 5 & Lucas Arts
Released: 1994
Data Medium: SNES cartridge; NTSC and PAL versions available
System Requirements: non special

For this game you can ...
... see the
front and the back of the box.
... see the
PAL (above) and NTSC (below) cartridge.
... see the
LucasArts logo and the copyright page.
... watch the intros:
Raiders, Temple of Doom, and Last Crusade.
... get
level access codes and Game Genie codes.
... download a playable
ROM copy (1636K, ZIP).
... read more about
SNES emulators.

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title screen Raiders intro
left: The title screen. | middle: Cave of the bitin' fish. | right: Raaaaaaafting.

left: hot! hot! | middle: I'm going down, down, down. | right: Let's travel.

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Sascha Krasny
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