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  Welcome to Indy's first newspaper. I have had thoughts for a long time about a paper for people who like Indiana Jones and adventures. Now here it is: The Globetrotter Gazette.

Indy's paper is bilingual in English and German language. But don't be afraid of missing anything. Articles for all readers will always be in English, only special interest articles about events and items in German language will be written in German. And I go even a step further: If there is a reason for articles in other languages, there will always be space for them here! I think that is the way Indy treats people: Learn the language to understand the people!

Write for the Globetrotter Gazette!

Have you ever thought about doing some writing or drawing yourself? Do you want to write:
- some Indy news of any kind
- Indy reviews, previews or other views
- about ongoings in the Community
- Indy-related material of any kind
- Travelogs (Indy-style)
- Indy comics or jokes
- about your Indy collection (make pics!)
These are just a few ideas what you might want to submit.
The Globetrotter Gazette is the right place for your work!
Future Glance

Jun 15th: Spielberg's love for sci-fi «new«
May 26th:
Dr. Jones will return «new«
Oct 19th:
Young Indy DVDs
Sep 10th:
... we want to keep that B-movie feel.
Sep 9th:
DVD menu screenshots
May 9th:
DVD Update (official)
May 2nd:
DVD Update
Jan 19th:
Lucas Confirms Indy 4 Story Finished
Dec 8th:
2005: Indy 4
Oct 1st:
Indy 4 confirmed
Sep 18th:
"I play him one more time, ..."
Jun 27th:
Marion, Willie and .. Ally?
Jun 3rd:
Indiana Jones 4 is official
Jun 1st:
July 4th, 2005
May 28th:
Indy will have a son
May 18th:
Searching for whips
May 16th:
Location scouting in Arizona
Apr 16th:
Indy 4 confirmed again
Jan 22nd:
Indiana Jones to Return


May 8th: Old Indy by Adam McDaniel
May 8th: "
I was in Indy's skin" - Richard Beugné
Mar 21st:
The Greatest Action Movies Ever
Jan 29th:
Indy won another one


Jul 31st: Hidden Treasure of the Pyramid
Feb 14th:
Emperor's Tomb has gone Gold
Jan 18th: Emperor's Tomb to be opened soon
Dec 28th: Emperor's Tomb: new trailer
Nov 23rd:
Emperor's Tomb: new pictures
Nov 22nd:
Roller coasters vs. brain damage
May 11th:
Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb
Jan 23rd:
Play it again, Indy

This belongs to a Museum!

Aug 20th: Raiders again
Jun 2nd:
Raider Truck kiddy-ride
Jun 1st:
New 12" Indy figure
Oct 4th:
News from Andrea Miniatures
May 17th:
The Toys McCoy Indy
Apr 10th:
Disney toys hit Europe
Mar 21st: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Feb 27th:
Create your own FoA soundtrack
Feb 12th:
The World of Indy Merchandise

Indy Fandom

Apr 24th: Doom Raiders!


Mar 2002: Tokyo
Aug 2001:
Sep 2000:

The Last Page

Nov 20th: Job Interview
Oct 8th:
Hip-Hop Indy
Apr 29th:
Michael Jackson and the Last Crusade
Feb 2nd:
Catiana Jones
Nov 18th:
The Award Showdown

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