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Available on IJC
You will find a lot of material for download on IJC. Please respect the owners/producers copyright when downloading these binaries.

    You will find on IJC:

  • Old Indiana Jones computer games from different computer systems that are no longer sold anywhere (a.k.a. Abandonware). For most of those so called ROMs you need an emulator of the desired system to play them.
  • MP3's from bootleg tracks and special tracks of Indiana Jones soundtracks. Again that's stuff not buyable.

Respect IJC
A lot of the Indy related material available on IJC is generated by myself! Please respect my work and do not steal or misuse my stuff e.g. for you website. This goes especially for the compiled information and QuickGuides available on IJC. If you really need something write me and ask for it!

The ZIP password
To make sure you know what you are downloading I keep all of the files in password protected ZIP-files. The password to all of these files is the same. It is the answer to the question: "What was the name of Indiana Jones' dog?" (Just in case: I am
not refering to Indy's dog in Max McCoy's Dinosaur Eggs novel.) This is a question every fan should be able to answer.

  • If you can't answer it, I suggest you watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade again.
  • If you have technical troubles using the password check your typing. Also keep in mind that password are case sensitive which means uppercase and lowercase letters are different. The correct typing for the password is with an uppercase first letter and the rest lowercase e.g. "Password".

Not available on IJC
The goal of this site is to archive Indiana Jones related information that seems to get lost over the decades. It's not the goal of this site to steal anything from the respective owner. IJC does not support software and MP3 piracy. Buy the stuff you like!

    You will not find on IJC:

  • Indiana Jones computer games that are still for sale. Especially not the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade adventure game, the Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis adventure game and the Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine action-adventure game.
  • MP3's from tracks of available Indiana Jones soundtracks.

If I have anything online that belongs to you or your company please contact me. I will remove your material immedeatly.

The trademark "Indiana Jones" belongs to Paramount Pictures and LucasFilm. They have made good movies, show them your respect. The same goes for the companies that produced the different Indy games and the soundtracks. Be fair and buy the stuff you like!

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