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Party Time

Created by:
Sascha Krasny
update: 01/02/08

  Indy Party  

If you want to celebrate an Indy Anniversary or "just" the birthday of an Indy fan (probably your own): It's time for an Indiana Jones theme party and here are some suggestions what to do:


  • Get some Halloween decoration for the creepy Temple of Doom feeling.
  • If you dare enough cook something that looks like disgusting Indy food. Maybe some insects or snakes or monkey brains ;o)
  • And don't forget the right background music: It's time for the Indy movie soundtracks and maybe one of the bootleg soundtracks!
  • Invite all your friends and family :)


  • Make a movie marathon with all the three movies. But keep in mind that not all people can stand seven hours of television at one go.
  • Alternative idea: Make a voting on which movie is the best. Watch this film first and maybe a second at the end of the evening for the late guests.
  • Make an Indy quiz with questions from all three movies.
  • Let the guests make up questions on their own after the film.
  • What about playing some Indy board game? There are different games available in English an other Languages.

If you have more ideas for a good Indy party please write me. Your ideas will be put online!