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Indiana Jones' one and only European adventure ride is located in Eurodisney near Paris, France. Le Temple du Péril is a good example how to use the same basic elements but create a totally different ride than Temple of the Forbidden Eye in Disneyland.

I had the luck to spend my 1993 Easter vacation in France, when the ride was opened for the public. Then Eurodisney area is about 20 km from Paris, you can reach it with a regular train. The ride is located in the Adventure Land of Eurodisney (the basic layout of the park is like all other Disney parks, if you have seen one you can orientated yourself easily).

The first impression of the temple is tremendous breathtaking. From the first sight (and the cries of the people using the ride) you can guess the basic idea of the ride: The mine car chase from Temple of Doom.

Get the new thrill:
Indiana Jones and the Temple du Peril backwards!!!

The Sign

Ride Facts


Opened to public

Spring 1993

Ride Time

about 2.5 minutes

Queue Time

60 minutes and longer

Special Feature

360 degree looping

Ride Transports

new: 8 riders per Transport
12 riders per Transport

Minimum age

8 years

Minimum height

1.40 meters (4' 6)

The ride is closed during winter till April!

The Queue

Following Indy's footsteps through the jungle you approach a ruined temple, guarded by two sphinxes. You pass an archaeologists camp, rusting jeeps and scattered equipment telling you that it is abandoned. You become suspicious and walk further into the thick jungle. Soon you will find an abandoned dig site. Artifacts, equipment and vehicles are scattered over the site. But where are the people?

The queue starts at the "Temple du Péril" sign with the usual health restrictions (younger kids, small persons and expectant mothers are prohibited from the ride because of security reasons). The queue leads trough an adventurous scenario featuring a camp and an excavation site with vehicles and equipment. The nearer you come to the temple entrance, the clearer you can see the huge snake statues guarding it. Actually they are the same figures used for the Temple of the Forbidden Eye ride.

The Ride

You follow the path searching for the reason why the dig site has been abandoned. Suddenly you arrive at a stairway, guarded by two stone cobras. Something is wrong here. Nervously you climb the stairs. You seem to be chased, there are a lot of footsteps behind you. The only way out is to climb into an old mine car and hope the tracks lead somewhere. The ride of your lifetime has begun.

Disney brochure: "A high speed thrill adventure through an archaeological excavation."
Here is a
ride video (MOV, 1.23 MBytes) from the Disneyland Paris website.

The ride is indeed a fast roller coaster using mine car transports. The tracks are partially inside, partially outside the temple and include a sure eye catcher: A 360 degree looping!
At the temple's entrance a Disneyland employee awaits you and splits the flow of people into groups of eight. Each mine car replica has place for four persons and the cars are grouped two together. This short combination makes allows a high speed ride - one that is faster than any other Disneyland ride I know.

The cars have big secure shoulder harnesses (they are comfortable if you don't pull them too tight towards you). It highly recommend to take of anything you can loose (like glasses) and you are not allowed to carry anything like umbrellas or bags. Be prepared for a short ride with a lot to see, the Temple du Peril is a little more than two minutes of adventure. You get a very good view at the park and a pure Temple of Doom mine car feeling. Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril is a great Indy ride that's worth the voyage.

NEW * Indiana Jones and the Temple du Peril backwards * NEW

    April 1st 2000 opened the extended Temple du Peril backwards ride:

  • New mine-cars with space for six persons insted of only four persons - now each run is for 12 people at once.
  • You are ow seated backwards to the running direction for an even greater thrill!

    BTW: The picture on the right is a photo-collage from Eurodisneypark and not real.

See a German ad for the new attraction.

Ride Trivia

  • Le Temple du Peril was the first roller coaster in a Disney theme park with an inversion. (The second is Space Mountain in Eurodisney, opened 1995.)
  • In Summer 1993 (a few weeks after the opening) the emergency brakes locked on during a ride. Some people were hurt and the attraction was temporarily shut down for investigations.
  • Visitors have told that the torches illuminating the stairway at night are no longer used.

The ride opening poster from 1993.

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