Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye

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Indiana Jones Temple of the Forbidden Eye is located in the Adventureland section of Disneyland (California). It is said to be Disneyland's best ride, so don't miss it!

I suggest one goes on the Jungle Cruise (next to the Temple of the Forbidden Eye) first to REALLY get into that 30's mood, but try not to pay too much attention to the corny jokes or it spoils the "Indianian" atmosphere. The line itself is very long (be prepared for up to 3 hours) designed very entertaining: The visitors proceed though excavation sites, chambers and hallways where everything is designed in great detail. A towering edifice with steps leading to the entrance, there are tremendous cobras on either side of the stairs. "Tourists" cannot go this way, however, below the Temple, (around the "generator") this area can get filled up if the line is that long. The strains of Charleston, Swing, and other music of the 30's can be heard, but then you step into the "real" line inside the Temple. Earthy sounds are heard, echoing inside the Temple's walls.
Your are near YOUR adventure.

The Temple

The Sign

Ride Facts


Ride Design

Enhanced Motion Vehicle by WDI

Opend to public

March 3,1995

Ride Time

about 3.5 minutes (varies)

Ride Length

750 meters

Queue Length

450 meters

Ride Speed

5 km/h (avg); 30 km/h (max), 90 km/h (sim)

Ride Transports

12 riders per Transport, 15 Transports

Ride Capacity

2400 visitors per hour; 1 car per 18 seconds

Order of Events

The ride changes each time, so you're very, very unlikely to have the same experience twice. There's something like 160,000 combinations, with differences in which door you go through at the beginning, what Indy says each time, where the car stops/jerks, etc.

Ride CD sighted on eBay!

Check this out! Apparently, there is a CD available with the audio
tracks for the Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Eye ride.

The CD was spoted on eBay by Brandon who managed to get the pictures and a sound sample. From what I have seen I am not able to tell if this is a official product or a very good fake. Anyway, it seems to be a nice collectors item.

Here is the
sound sample from the Darts Room (MP3, 95 KBytes) and a scan of the cover and the CD itself.

The complete Ride by Ulla

Bonus Material

» The movie-style ride poster by Drew Struzan.
A ride video (RealVideo) from the Disneyland Source website.
» The
Mara Fonts used for the ride for PC and Mac.
Here is the complete ride excluding the waiting line. Actually, here is something interesting about that "spike chamber" while in line: there purposely is a bendable bamboo stick that has a sign saying "Do not Pull!" Naturally, everyone does, and it makes a startling sound. When that happens, LOOK UP! The ceiling goes down 2 inches! It then straightens up, but I didn't even realize that until my third to the last time!!

Okay, here's the fun part: Get in the jeep (be sure to sit where the steering wheel is in front of you - it's more "magical"), enter
"The Chamber of Destiny". Go through a door to obtain "Eternal Youth", "Earthly Riches", or "Future Knowledge". Enter through one of these, (LOOK AROUND YOU! NOT JUST AHEAD!! There are murals to your right and left that are so commonly overlooked! Me, being an artist, quickly swiveled my head and discovered the art based on art in Indian civilizations. As Belloq would say, "It's beautiful!!") Okay, the goddess Mara says, "Foolish mortal! You looked into my eyes! Your destiny know lies in the gates of doom! Ah-Ha Ha!"

Now the jeep quickly turns and lightning streaks temple pillars. Then, a (not-so) familiar voice says, while stuck in a door way,
"You WHAT? Great! I need help, and they send me TOURISTS! Swerve left! [like Shorty] It's the ONLY WAY OUT!" You pass by this figure and can't help not to wave! Now is one of my FAVORITE parts! You travel in the jeep and there is a clear view of the "Temple o' Terror"! The music starts to play the theme of the Lost Ark, you know, the "Ahh's"?

Anyway, keep traveling, and it's the catacombs from Last Crusade! Three skulls, skeletons, pop out, but then you are in a tunnel with the "fortune cookies" squirming about on the walls! Here comes my other favorite part, THE BRIDGE! The same music plays again, (almost comical "ah's") but LOOK DOWN! Beneath the bridge is mist, water, fire, INCREDIBLE STUFF! Now comes the HUGE (paper-mache') cobra, causing the usual screams to the people sitting on the right side!

Continuing on, you pass HUNDREDS of skulls, then the car stops in a pitch black tunnel. The sounds of rats (
"Rats?" "Yeah. Big ones.") squirm when suddenly the car stalls! It gets going again, but suddenly it pauses again at the beginning of knife throwing skeletons! WONDERFUL effects here, you feel the air and hear the steel whistle just behind your head! (LOOK AT THE WALLS! THERE ARE KNIFE HANDLES IN THEM! HOW PRECISE CAN YOU GET?!!)

And nnnnooowwwww, that's right folks. Indy is hanging on a rope.
"Great!" comes the gruff welcome. "Just what I need!" Frantically, you reach out, DESPERATE to touch this SUPERIOR being! "Let me in!" he shouts. Suddenly, a BOULDER comes swiveling past! "We Got Company! Get me out! Get me out! Get back! Get back!" the jeep rumbles back, the boulder following, and "Oh, ****" (Indy DOES say this in "Raiders" and "Temple") THE JEEP GOES UNDERNEATH THE TUMBLING ROCK! It crashes, and the next "scene" is of Indy with the cracked boulder behind him. "You were good in there. You were very, very good." (sound familiar? take off of Forrestal in Raiders) The jeep rumbles past, and thanks to the archaeologist in all of us, you can't help not to salute. BA-DA-DA-DUM!


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