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  Henry's Library: Magazines  
  Here you can find scanned or typed articles about Indiana Jones.
  Raiders of the Lost Ark  
  Raiders of the Movie Serials - Starlog magazine Aug. 1981 [linked from Indiana Jones Archaeological Dig]
Harrison Ford: The Man with the Whip - Rolling Stone magazine 1981 [linked from
Indiana Jones Archaeological Dig]
  Indiana Jones and the Tempel of Doom  
  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade  
  Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull  
  Empire 2008 April - British movie magazine
CIAK 2008 April - Italian movie magazine (in Italian)
Film Total 2008 May - British movie magazine
  Indiana Jones and the 5th movie  
  SFX 2009 November - British SciFi magazine
  Young Indiana Jones Chronicles  
  Jonathan Hales: Inside the Screenplay to Episode II - Star Wars Insider #29 (Jonathan Hales wrote several Young Indy episode which are discussed in the article) [linked from Stormloader.com/Star Division]
STAR WARS magazine Vol1 Issue 1 1996 April/May - Official Lucasfilm magazine - Rick McCallum: Producing the Star Wars Prequels - Very Young Indiana Jones Chronicles heavy article
  Indiana Jones The Original Adventures - game  
  Consol.at 2008 April - Austrian game magazine (in German)
Gamers.at 2008 May - Austrian game magazine (in German)
ComputerBild Spiele_2008 May - German game magazine (in German)
  Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings  
  ComputerBild Spiele_2009 March - German game magazine (in German)
Consol.at 2009 April - Austrian game magazine (in German)