Movies & TV-Series: Soundtracks  
  Seven original Indiana Jones soundtracks have been published after the movies and the TV series. Best Of albums, compilations and bootleg albums have followed.
  Raiders of the Lost Ark  
  Raiders of the Lost Ark Original Soundtrack - CD
Original Soundtrack - LP

Original Soundtrack - The Movie on Record LP
Original Expanded Soundtrack - CD
Original Expanded Soundtrack - 2 LP set
Stephen Spielberg about John Williams
  Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom  
  Temple of Doom Original Soundtrack - CD
  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade  
  Last Crusade Original Soundtrack - CD
Bootleg: Vol. 2 - The unreleased Music - CD
Bootleg: Expanded Edition - 2 CD
  The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles  
  Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 - CD
Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 - CD
Original Soundtrack Vol. 3 - CD
Original Soundtrack Vol. 4 - CD
Original Soundtrack The Best Of - CD
  Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis  
  Bootleg: CD
Bootleg: CD Project
  Compilations with Indiana Jones Tracks  
  Indy Compilations The Indiana Jones Trilogy
The Indiana Jones Trilogy limited collectors box
Music From The Films Of Harrison Ford
The Spielberg/Williams Collaboration

Great Movie Scores From Films Of Steven Spielberg
Close Encounters: The Essential John Williams Film Music Collection