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updated 01/07/17

  Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom  
  There has been one soundtrack release for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. This soundtrack is today a little hard to get but it is not impossible. Look out for the Japanese Edition!
  Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom  

Temple of Doom

Original Soundtrack on CD
release date:

composer and conductor:
John Williams
composer and conductor of "Anything Goes": Cole Porter
inset: 12 pages booklet

manufacturer/serial no.:

Polydor POCP-2014 or 821592-2 (Japan)
Edel TCS 102-2 or 513879-2 (Germany)

CD supplement:
file size
CD Cover 117 kb
CD Backside 73 kb

  Track Listing:
01. Anything Goes [2:49] (the lyrics)
02. Fast Streets of Shanghai [3:39]
03. Nocturnal Activities [5:53]
04. Short Round's Theme [2:27]
05. Children in Chains [2:41]
06. Slalom on Mt. Humol [2:22]
07. The Temple of Doom [2:58]
08. Bug Tunnel and Death Trap [3:28]
09. Slave Children's Crusade [3:22]
10. The Mine Car Chase [3:38]
11. Final and End Credits [6:18]

Total running time [39:35]

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