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Created by:
Sascha Krasny
Special thanks:
Björn Hellebrand,
Paramount Germany

update: 02/01/24

  The Complete Adventures of Indiana Jones
German Edition
  Get basic info about this THX remastered international release.
All videos are in the VHS/PAL video format.
A movie box set (atandard and widescreen) is available (including chapter 11 as bonus).
The videos are released by CIC video Germany.
There is a sticker on the videos: "Enthält exclusiv Interview mit George Lucas und Sean-Patrick Flannery" (includes an exclusive interview with Lucas and Flannery) - but this interview is missing on some of the cassettes!
The videos have been re-dubbed because of the new material. CIC used different voice actors then seven years ago when dubbing the TV series!
The commercial shown in German television is a variation of the US commercial dubbed by a bad voice actor.
The first tapes all say "running time: 92 Minutes". This seems to be a bogus because some episodes (e.g. Dardevils) are shorter.
If you have a additional information about the videos please let me know!
  February 10th 2000: Phantom Train Of Doom (#10), Daredevils Of The Desert (#15) and Treasure Of The Peacock's Eye (#18)
April 6th 2000: Spring Break Adventure (#6) and Attack of the Hawkmen (#12)
June 8th 2000: The movies (chapters #23, #24 and #25) and Oganga, The Giver And Taker Of Life (#11).
July 6th 2000: Trenches of Hell (#8), Tales Of Innocence (#16) and Mask of Evil (#17)
August 3rd 2000: Adventures in the Secret Service (#13), Mystery of the Blues (#20) and Hollywood Follies (#22)
August 2000: Part one of your Indy video collection (15 tapes) is complete.
#06 In der mexikanischen Revolution (Spring Break Adventure)
#08 In der Hölle mit Charles de Gaulle (Trenches of Hell)
#10 Die Jagd nach dem Geisterzug (Phantom Train Of Doom)
#11 Oganga, Herr über Leben und Tod (Oganga, The Giver and Taker of Life)
#12 Der Angriff des Roten Baron (Attack of the Hawkmen)
#13 In geheimer Mission: Spion gegen Spion (Adventures in the Secret Service)
#15 Die Wüstenteufel (Daredevils Of The Desert)
#16 Liebe und Fremdenlegion (Tales Of Innocence)
#17 Von Istambul nach Transsylvanien (Masks of Evil)
#18 Der Schatz des Königs (Treasure Of The Peacock's Eye)
#20 Der Al Capone Blues (Mystery of the Blues)
#22 Intrigen in Hollywood (Hollywood Follies)