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Created by:
Sascha Krasny
Special thanks:
Jerry O`Connor (Ireland),
Alexander Lamprey, Anthony Lacey and Shaun (UK)

update: 02/01/24

  The Complete Adventures of Indiana Jones
UK Edition
  Get basic info about this THX remastered international release.
All videos are in the VHS/PAL video format.
A movie box set is available (including chapter 10 as bonus).
The videos are released by CIC video.
Mystery of the Blues (#20) and Hollywood Follies (#22) have never been released due to poor sales.
The UK advertisment for the Indiana Jones Videos shows clips from all three movies, and clips from different young indy episodes. At the end you can see the UK Indy box but unusually next to the box set it shows Phantom Train of Doom instead of Oganga, The Giver And Taker Of Life.
If you have a additional information about the videos please let me know!
  March 6th 2000: The Movies (chapters #23, #24 and #25).
March 6th 2000: Phantom Train Of Doom (#10) and Treasure Of The Peacock's Eye (#18)
April 3rd 2000: Daredevils Of The Desert (#15)
May 1st 2000: Tales Of Innocence (#16)
June 5th 2000: Attack of the Hawkmen (#12) and Trenches of Hell (#8)
July 3rd 2000: Adventures in the Secret Service (#13)
August 14th 2000: Mask of Evil (#17) and Spring Break Adventure (#6)
September 4th 2000: Oganga, The Giver And Taker Of Life (#11)
#06 Spring Break Adventure
#08 Trenches of Hell
#10 Phantom Train Of Doom
#11 Oganga, The Giver and Taker of Life
#12 Attack of the Hawkmen
#13 Adventures in the Secret Service
#15 Daredevils Of The Desert
#16 Tales Of Innocence
#17 Masks of Evil
#18 Treasure Of The Peacock's Eye
#20 Mystery of the Blues
#22 Hollywood Follies