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Created by:
Sascha Krasny
Special thanks:
Gisle Nordvik
update: 02/01/23

  The Complete Adventures of Indiana Jones
Norwegian Edition
  Get basic info about this THX remastered international release.
All videos are in the VHS/PAL video format.
A movie box set is available (including chapter 11 as bonus).
The videos are released by CIC Video Norway ans.
None of the movies has the bonus interview.
The release did not incude the bonus stickers/map.
If you have a additional information about the videos please let me know!
  May 2000: Release of the movies (chapters #23, #24 and #25) and Oganga the Giver and Taker of Life (#11).
May 2000: Phantom Train of Doom (#10), Daredevils of the Desert (#15) and Treasure of the Peacock's Eye (#18)
June 2000: Further releases.
#06 Det ville grenseoverfallet (Spring Break Adventure)
#08 Helvetes skyttergraver (Trenches of Hell)
#10 Dødstoget (Phantom Train Of Doom)
#11 Oganga, Hersker over Liv og Død (Oganga, The Giver and Taker of Life)
#12 Luftens hauker går til angrep (Attack of the Hawkmen)
#13 Eventyr ved det hemmelige politiet (Adventures in the Secret Service)
#15 Ørkenens Krigere (Daredevils Of The Desert)
#16 I Krig og kjærlighet (Tales Of Innocence)
#17 Ondskapens ansikt (Masks of Evil)
#18 Påfugløyets Hemmelighet (Treasure Of The Peacock's Eye)
#20 Bluesmysteriet (Mystery of the Blues)
#22 Galskap i Hollywood (Hollywood Follies)