The Indiana Jones Timeline: Trenches of Hell
Edited and Expanded by Allen Lane

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1916 February

Indy, a junior in high school in Princeton, NJ, is looking forward to taking Nancy Stratemeyer to the prom in her father's car - a beautiful Bugati. Of course, his rival Butch doesn't believe him, so it has become a matter of pride. He's crushed when Nancy comes to the soda fountain where he works after school and tells him that the car is broken. Her father has to take it to New York to get it fixed and it wouldn't be ready until after the prom. Indy goes to see Nancy's father, Edward Stratemeyer (who will later become the author of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books). He is able to talk Mr. Stratemeyer into letting him take the car to a local garage. There, Indy is told that the generator would have to be rebuilt and the only place to get that done is in New York. That night, Indy's father has dinner guests. One of them is a Dr. Thompson, a researcher at Edison Laboratories. He's working on a battery that will run a car. Such an invention could put the oil companies out of business. Later in the evening, Indy asks him if he could fix the Bugati's generator. He says that he could and invites Indy to the labs in East Orange. The next day Indy and Nancy load their bikes onto a train and journey to East Orange. When they arrive at the laboratory, Indy's eyes light up when he sees a car whipping around a test track. Thompson takes the generator into one of the labs to an assistant. While Indy is talking to the test car driver, a cry comes from the lab. Indy and Nancy rush inside to find that Thompson has been kidnapped by three men in a van. They also knocked out his assistant and stole some plans. The police arrive and the officer in charge is a Captain Frank Brady. The assistant tells Brady that the kidnappers were speaking German and he repeats the phrase that he heard. Brady translates it as "Quick, the baby's burping," Indy suggests that it might be "Quick, the chicken is burping," but that makes no sense either. Brady tells Indy to butt out and that he won't get the generator back until after the case is solved. Edison arrives and the assistant tells him that certain Naval Research files on a submarine detection system and the files on the car battery were stolen. Edison is more concerned with the stolen files than with Thompson's well being. Edison tells Brady to contact Naval Intelligence. As Indy and Nancy walk their bikes back to the train station, Indy realizes that the German phrase could also be translated to "Quick, the chicken farm." Nancy remembers seeing a chicken farm on the train ride in. They bike to it and there, they find the kidnappers' van covered in straw. There is also some oil stuck on the fender and a partial sticker with the letter groupings "IL," "CH" and "RY." In the loft of the barn they find Dr. Thompson tied up and call the police. Thompson tells them that he had to co-operate or they would have killed him. He also heard the Germans mentioning the high and low tides and believes that they are being picked up in a submarine. Nancy and Indy ride back to the train station, not noticing two sinister men parked on the side of the road. That night as Indy is having supper at Nancy's, he discusses the kidnapping with her father. They figure that the van was probably stolen from wherever the Germans landed. The next day at school, Nancy tells Indy that she figures that the Germans landed near the oil refineries at Bayonne and she's going out to investigate. After school, Nancy leaves for Bayonne, but Indy is held after class. As soon as he can, he follows her, finding her in the dunes along the beach. They pick a spot to hide and wait. High tide comes and goes, but no German sub shows. Instead, they spot two men with guns who turn out to be Brady and another officer. That night at supper, Indy has a stroke of inspiration. He calls Nancy and tells her that it wasn't Germans who were after the submarine plans, but the oil companies after the battery plans. They meet and head out to the refinery. They sneak in and overhear some men discussing Edison's battery. They also find the plans and learn that the letter groupings from the van are a part of the phrase "oIL researCH laboratoRY." As they sneak out, the theft of the plans is discovered. They're spotted by the two sinister men from the chicken farm who give chase. Indy hands the plans to Nancy and tells her to go to the police. Indy heads off their pursuers and is able to trick them into driving their car off a pier. The police show up and arrest the two men. Brady allows Indy and Nancy to take the plans back to Dr. Thompson themselves. The next day at Edison Labs, Indy and Nancy tell Thompson about how they deduced who had stolen the plans. Nancy grows suspicious when Thompson talks about the oil refinery since Indy never mentioned the refinery. When they confront him with this, he makes a run for it, stealing the experimental car. Indy and Nancy give chase in an old Model T. They manage to catch up with him after Indy takes a short cut across an old rickety bridge, forcing him off the road just as the police arrive. When asked why he did it, Thompson says that he wanted credit for the work he did on Edison's various projects. When Edison receives the plans back from Indy and Nancy, he graciously rebuild the Bugati's generator. They arrive at the prom in style and Indy is able to show up Butch. (YIJC - "Princeton - February 1916" - TV; Race To Danger - YAB)

1916 March
Indy tells Nancy that he won't be able to spend spring break with her after all. He and his father are heading to New Mexico to visit relatives, but he promises he will be back in a few weeks. Indy and his father travel by train across the country and arrive at Indy's aunt's house in New Mexico where Indy is reunited with his cousin Frank. Taking Indy aside, Frank suggests that they tell their parents that they are going on a camping trip for a few days and instead hitchhike across the border into Mexico where they can visit a bordello. Indy's father and aunt buy into the story and the two youngsters set out on their adventure. (SPRING BREAK ADVENTURE VR)

On Spring break with his cousin Frank, Indy hitchhikes to the Mexican border to have "a little fun with the senoritas." Upon their arrival, the town is attacked by men on horseback who rob the bank and some local merchants. Indy gives chase on horseback, but is captured. He is taken to an old Mexican fort and is about to be shot with two other prisoners when the leader of the raiders, Francisco "Pancho," Villa arrives and sets them free. It turns out that the bandits were some of Villa's men who were acting without orders. It is among Villa's men that Indy meets Remy Baudoin, a Belgian national. The bandit's men are being forced south due to General Pershing's advance. A few days later, Villa is negotiating with an unsavory man by the name of Claw for some rifles and explosives. After Claw, leaves, Villa's aide Julio Cardenas asks him where they will get the money. Villa says that they will get it from Ciudad Guerrero, a fort where the Federales have just shipped 50,000 pesos in gold. Claw overhears this plan as he leaves. Outside, Indy is helping with the unloading of weapons from Claw's wagon. He overhears Claw use an Arabic word and asks him if he ever spent time in Egypt, but Claw ignores him. That night, Indy talks to some of the rebels about why they joined Villa's bans. Villa himself sums it up best when he says that they are fighting for the right to peacefully raise a family and have a decent life. This persuades Indy to join the revolution. The next day, Indy is part of a detail that is to pick up weapons at Claw's. While there he confirms his suspicions that Claw and Dimitrios are the same person. Later, in a cantina Remy is helping Indy compose a letter to his father when in walks a U.S. Army lieutenant. It is George Patton, who proceeds to get into a gunfight with Cardenas, who is killed. Patton reports back to General John J. Pershing on the movements of Villa's men. This confirms what Claw has just finished telling Pershing. Days later the rebels head out with a train to attack Ciudad Guerrero. The attack goes according to plan until Pershing stages a counterattack which forces the rebels to retreat. That night as the rebels hide from Pershing's men, Villa decides to attack William Randolph Hurst's Mexican hacienda. This, he hopes, will put Mexican President Cardenza in a bad position with U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. They take the hacienda easily as there is no one there. As Indy watches the looting, he begins to feel that he really doesn't belong with the Mexican revolution. That evening, Indy translates for the rebels the silent movies that are being shown in the basement. A newsreel is shown depicting the carnage being wrecked across Europe during the Great War. Remy is visibly upset by this. That evening, Remy, tells Indy that he is leaving for Europe in the morning. He feels that if he is to die, he'd rather die fighting for his own homeland. Indy persuades Remy to let him join him. Remy agrees and reminds Indy that they leave at dawn. Indy rides out to Dimitrios' ranch to steal back the jackal's head. He finds it in a locked cupboard, but is discovered by Dimitrios. A fight ensues during which the house is set on fire. Indy escapes with the jackal's head but a trapped Dimitrios is killed when the fire reaches the ammunition and gunpowder stored in the basement. With the jackal's head safe, Indy catches up with Remy and they head to Vera Cruz to catch passage on a ship to Europe and the Great War. (YIJC - "Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal" ("Mexico - March 1916" section) - TV; CB)

1916 April
Indy and Remy arrive in Queenstown on their way to London to enlist in the Belgian army. They get a ride to Dublin, where they plan on getting jobs so they can pay for the ferry. They manage to get employment in a pub, waiting on tables and washing dishes. One afternoon, Indy is out to buy food for himself and Remy when he passes a restaurant window and sees two pretty girls inside. He goes in and joins them. They introduce themselves as Maggie and Nuala. They are also joined by Maggie's brother Sean Lamass. Through their conversation, the girls get the impression that Indy is a millionaire and he does nothing to dispel that idea. Sean talks to Indy about his time with Poncho Villa. As they leave the restaurant, Indy asks about some men who are marching down the street. Maggie explains that they are the Irish Volunteers, a group that wishes to overthrow British rule. She says that Sean is a member. Indy and Maggie make plans to meet at the theater the next day. When Indy gets back to the room where he and Remy are staying, Remy is upset that he spent their money on tea and cakes for the girls. The next day, Indy meets Maggie at the music hall. Inside, they are joined by Sean and Nuala. Indy enjoys the show, especially a tenor who sings "When Irish Eyes are Smilin'". Afterwards, he excuses himself and goes off to work. While working, he hums "Irish Eyes" to himself. He receives some scorn from one of the patrons, a writer by the name of Sean O'Casey. O'Casey is disgusted with the stereotypical portrayal of the Irish that have made them the laughingstock of the world. He promises to show Indy some real theater by taking him to the Abbey the next day. There, they see some of the rehearsals for a new play by William Butler Yates. O'Casey explains to Indy that the play is symbolic of how Ireland was taken over by the British. After rehearsal, Yates meets with O'Casey about a play he has submitted to the theater for production. Yates says that the work has good characterization, but is too political for the national theater. He calls it an honorable failure. On the way home, O'Casey is upset with Yates' critique. He wants to write plays about real life, not the kind of work Yates is currently producing. Later, Indy meets Maggie and Nuala for a walk along the beach. That evening at work, he runs into Sean and O'Casey who are arguing about the fate of a free Ireland. O'Casey wants a socialist Ireland, not one that would be run by the Catholics. The next day, Indy and Remy meet Maggie and Nuala. Remy takes Nuala off so Indy can be alone with Maggie for a while. At work, Indy and O'Casey talk about theater. O'Casey loves the theater because being performed live, anything can happen. At it's greatest moments, theater becomes life and life becomes theater. Sean arrives and O'Casey tells him that he's quit the Irish Volunteers. Sean tells Indy that he's been invited to go swimming with Maggie. At the pool, Sean and Indy discuss Indy's reasons for fighting in the war. Sean says that Ireland must be free, that home rule while swearing allegiance to the King of England is not enough. Sean gets upset and leaves, taking Maggie with him. The next day, Sean and O'Casey are having an argument out on a sidewalk. O'Casey doesn't want to hear anymore about the Irish Volunteers from Sean. Sean starts to walk off as Indy happens by. He warns Indy not to see Maggie anymore, but Indy pays him no heed. The next day, Indy, Maggie and Nuala spend some time together. They're spotted by Sean who doesn't say anything. At the end of the afternoon, Indy tells Maggie that he's not a millionaire. She gets upset and tells him that she never wants to see him again. Walking home from work, Indy meets up with Sean. Sean pulls him into a warehouse to fight as a crowd begins to gather. Indy tries to explain to Sean that he told Maggie the truth, but gets a knuckle sandwich. Indy fights back and soon the whole crowd is swinging fists at each other. In the midst of the donnybrook, Indy and Sean call a truce. The days pass until Easter Monday arrives. Indy and Remy finally have enough money for their ferry tickets and plan on leaving the next day. While they are walking home with Nuala, they see a demonstration at the Post Office. Members of the Irish Volunteers have taken overt the building and have issued a statement calling for a free Irish Republic. They head back to the pub where O'Casey tells him the Volunteers don't expect to gain anything. They are looking to become martyrs for their cause. Out on the streets, Maggie is trying to persuade Sean not to join his compatriots in the post office, but he doesn't listen. As the Volunteers take over a couple of nearby buildings, the British Army begins to move in, setting up barricades. The Volunteers raise the Irish flag over the Post Office. As fighting breaks out, Maggie arrives at the pub. She says that they have to go to the Post Office, they see cannons being set up by the British. They have no choice but to head back to the pub and wait. The fighting continues through the week. Maggie is convinced that Sean is dead. Word arrives that the Volunteers have surrendered. Indy, Maggie and O'Casey rush to the Post Office and see Sean being led away by British soldiers. Maggie cries out to him, but he ignores her. Later, British soldiers are executing members of the uprising at a nearby prison. Indy takes Maggie there to see Sean. They are taken to his cell. Indy tells him that most of the leaders of the uprising have already been shot. Maggie tells him that the people are starting to consider them heroes. Sean feels that it was worth is then. He also wishes Indy good luck in Europe. The next day Indy and Remy are ready to board the ferry to London. O'Casey arrives to wish them luck. He tells them to take a good look around. Ireland is changing and it won't look the same if they ever come back. (YIJC - "Ireland - April 1916" - TV)

While Indy heads to Europe, the family dog, Indiana, dies.

1916 May
Indy and Remy finally arrive in London to enlist in the Belgian army. Indy, fearful of being sent back to the U.S., uses the false name of Henri Defense. Later that evening, Remy meets a war widow who invites him out for coffee, leaving Indy alone. He decides to visit his old tutor Miss Seymour. On the bus to Paddington Station, he meets Vicky Prentiss, a suffragette who is a faretaker. He is impressed when she remains unfazed after a Zeppelin attack. Indy decides that he wants to see her again and goes to a suffragette meeting. There, he is impressed with a speech given by Sylvia Pankhurst and even defends her against the jeers of some men. After the meeting, Indy and Vicky go out for tea. While talking, the two discover that they both traveled extensively as children (Vicky's father was a diplomat) and they impress each other with their extensive knowledge of foreign languages. At the end of their evening, Indy invites Vicky to join him on his trip to Oxford and she accepts. Once at Oxford, they head for Miss Seymour's home. There, she tells Indy that his father is very worried about him and makes him write a letter home. While Indy is busy writing, Miss Seymour and Vicky get into a heated discussion about the methods used by the suffragette movement. Despite this, Miss Seymour likes and admires Vicky and invites the couple along to a dinner party. At the party, Vicky manages to get into another argument on the issue of women's suffrage, this time with Winston Churchill. The two spend an enjoyable few days in Oxford, biking, punting and growing closer. They then go to visit Vicky's parents who live close by. Vicky's mother, a suffragette injured during a hunger strike in prison, tells Indy more about the suffragette movement. After the two spend more time together, during which they confess their love for each other, they head back to London. Once back in London, Indy learns that Remy has received their call up papers. The night before he is to leave for Europe, he and Vicky go out for dinner. Indy asks Vicky to marry him. She refuses, saying that if they were to get married she would have to give up her dream of becoming a writer. Indy argues that it wouldn't have to be like that, but she persists. Angry and heartbroken, Indy leaves. The next day, Miss Seymour comes down to the station to see Indy off. Remy arrives with the news that he got married that morning. As the train pulls out, Indy spots Vicky in the crowd, but is unable to get to speak to her. Indy catches her eye as the train pulls out of the station and he and Remy head off to fight in the "War to End All Wars." (YIJC - "London - May 1916" - TV)

1916 September
Indy and Remy see their first action as they fight in the Belgian Army at Flanders. All the officers from their troop die in battle and the remaining soldiers are relocated to the Somme where they are to join with the French Army. (YIJC - "Somme - Early August 1916" - TV; This was explained at the beginning of the episode)

1916 August
The Battle of the Somme, at the time, was one of the deadliest battles ever fought. Over one million soldiers (British, French and German) lost their lives. The British lost nearly 60,000 in one day, despite the fact that they outnumbered German opposition six to one. It is during this battle that the British first put the tank into use. As a corporal, Indy is the highest ranking member of his unit. The French commander is not keen on loaning the company any of his existing lieutenants so he promotes a French sergeant, Moreau, to lieutenant and places him in command of Indy's unit. Moreau has some suspicions about one of the soldiers, a troublemaker named Jacques. Indy tells him that he suspects Jacques was the one who killed their commander. Later, Jacques tries to cause some trouble, but backs down before Moreau. Orders come down to recapture the Chateau La Maisonette, with the Belgian company leading the charge. The attack commences on schedule, but the men are soon pinned down in foxholes by machine gun fire. Indy and Moreau manage to get some grenades to some men who are closest to the gunners, who use them to knock out the machine gun nests. The charge continues. The soldiers meet the Germans in the first trench and hand-to-hand fighting begins. The Belgians are able to force the Germans to retreat. The troops work quickly to secure the trench. Moreau gets a communiquÇ that they were the only group to make it to the trench. Jacques provokes a fight with Indy which Moreau breaks up. The troops are preparing for the second stage of the offensive when the Germans attack with gas. Indy and Remy are forced to watch helplessly as a comrade who lost his gas mask in the charge dies horribly. An eerie silence descends on the battlefield. Then the Germans slowly begin their advance through the haze with a terrifying new weapon - the flame thrower. The Belgians retreat back to their own trenches, the entire offensive a failure. Later, orders come down granting the company a two day leave. They head for a nearby town where the men are able to bathe, wash their uniforms and unwind. Indy and another soldier challenge a pair of British soldiers to a game of tennis, but lose. After the game, Indy and the two British soldiers, Lt. Robert Graves and Lt. Ziegfried Sassoon, have a couple of beers and discuss literature. Sassoon is disgusted with the way the war has been dragging on and the way certain British businessmen have profited from it. He continues to fight though, as it is his duty. When the company gets back to the front, they are informed that a new attack is to be mounted on the chateau. The charge begins and the Belgians take the first trench easily. Indy lets Jacques know that Moreau suspects him of killing their officers. They charge the second trench but find it empty. Before the charge can continue, they are pinned down again by machine gun fire. Moreau decides to use an abandoned German tunnel to try to outflank the German gunners. Moreau, Indy and Jacques sneak into the tunnel but are attacked by a German soldier. Indy is able to sneak up on him and kill him with a bayonet. Once through the tunnels, they find that they are behind the machine gun nests, which they take out with grenades. The rest of the troops charge and take the chateau. The retreating Germans shoot and kill Moreau's friend and second in command, Sgt, Giscard. Later, Moreau is anxious as no reinforcements have arrived. He can't hold their position with only thirty men. Without warning, the Germans attack, killing Moreau. In the confusion, Indy sees Remy wounded, but can't get to him. Jacques saves Indy from an attacking German and informs him that even though he didn't kill their captain, his saving Indy doesn't make them friends. He is then suddenly shot dead by the Germans. As German soldiers overrun the chateau, the Belgian soldiers retreat. Indy, however, is captured and taken prisoner. (YIJC - "Somme - Early August 1916" - TV; Prisoner of War - YAB)

Indy is taken to a holding area for prisoners. There, he meets Emile, another soldier from his unit who has the uniforms of two dead French soldiers. They assume the officer's identities, Indy becoming a Lt. Blanc, as officers are treated better than enlisted men in the prisoner of war camps. Indy also moves through the other prisoners looking for Remy, but is unable to find him. While the prisoners are being transferred, the Allies start an artillery barrage. Taking advantage of the confusion, Indy and Emile try to escape. Unfortunately they unwittingly seek cover in a foxhole filled with German soldiers. They are recaptured and sent to a prisoner of war camp. Upon arrival, Indy and Emile begin to walk around, checking the layout. A prisoner kicks a ball too close to a fence and is almost shot by the guards as he attempts to retrieve it. Indy validates the man's story that it was an accident to a skeptical guard. The prisoner introduces himself to Indy and Emile as Captain Jaycees Benet and takes them to a meeting of French officers who are planning an escape. The officers have run into a problem with the tunnel they are digging - they are out of tunnel supports and places to hide the dirt. Benet suggests one concentrated effort to finish the tunnel in one night. They agree and Indy and Emile help out. Although they first miscalculate the distance to the outside, they finally complete the tunnel. As the men prepare to leave, the commandant comes into the barracks on a surprise inspection. He almost discovers the tunnel, but Benet distracts him by provoking a fight. Benet is thrown into isolation, but the commandant does not discover the tunnel. The rest of the French officers move through the tunnel. Indy and Emile bring up the rear but are spotted by the Germans as they exit the tunnel. Emile is shot and Indy is recaptured. The Germans, thinking Indy is Lt. Blanc, an officer who has previously escaped other German camps, sentences him to an inescapable prison known as Ingolstadt. Ingolstadt is an old castle located on a rocky island in the middle of the Rhein. It is a place for "incorrigible" prisoners. Upon arrival, Indy is introduced to the other prisoners who view him with suspicion, thinking he is a German spy. One prisoner, Captain Charles DeGaulle, calls Indy's bluff. He breaks down and tells them the whole story of how he assumed Lt. Blanc's identity. They then accept him into their ranks. The mail arrives and while everyone is scrambling for a package or letter from home, Yuri and Leonid, two Russian prisoners, are busy collecting the string from the packages. They claim it is an old Russian superstition. The next day, Indy meets Corporal Lambert, a British soldier in charge of the infirmary. Indy and DeGaulle also have a discussion about the changing art of war. As he returns to his room that night, Indy is approached by Yuri and Leonid, who want to know if he can throw a lasso just like a real American cowboy. They want his help with an escape plan of theirs. They have made a rope from all of the package string they've collected and will use it in their escape. Indy has his doubts, but agrees to go along anyway. The following evening, Indy joins the Russians. Their plan calls for Indy to lasso a spike on top of a building bordering the castle. They will then climb across and down the side of the wall to freedom. Indy manages to lasso the spike, but the Russians try to cross the rope at the same time, causing it to break and plunging them into the river to their deaths. The next morning, the German commander reprimands all of the prisoners. He brings out two body bags containing Yuri and Leonid to be displayed for all to see. Indy and DeGaulle hatch a plan to escape in the two Russians' coffins. They enlist Lambert and his two orderlies into the plot. As per regular procedure, the orderlies will take the coffins to a graveyard on the shore to be buried. However, they will only put an inch of dirt on top of the coffins so Indy and DeGaulle can dig out easily. The German guards are superstitious so they won't enter the cemetery and find out what is going on. All goes according to plan until the orderlies reach the shore. They are informed of a change in procedure; the bodies are to be cremated not buried. The orderlies have no choice but to load the coffins on the truck and head back to the island. Indy and DeGaulle escape from the truck before it reaches the crematorium and set off across the countryside. By dawn, they make it to a small village where they steal two bicycles. They are spotted by a German patrol. They split up as two motorcycled Germans give chase. DeGaulle is recaptured, but Indy loses his pursuer by dodging in front of a moving train. He is able to continue to the German boarder and freedom. (YIJC - "Germany - Mid-August 1916" - TV; Prisoner of War - YAB)

Indy's luck doesn't hold out for long. After escaping, he joins what he thinks is a German road-mending group. It instead turns out to be a work force of British POWs that are being taken to Berlin. Indy is caught during a roll-call, but quick thinking saves him again. He tells the camp leaders that he is a double agent for the Germans and is sent ahead to Berlin. Once there, Indy is able to contact the American Embassy. (from the timeline contained in The World of Indiana Jones - This episode was never filmed)

1916 September
Broadened by his experiences on the front, Indy decides to stay in Europe, despite being given the opportunity to return home. He joins with the French as a courier for the High Command, French Second Army stationed near Verdun. Remy is assigned to an infantry unit. There is some dissension among the French generals. The commander of the Second Army, General Robert Nivelle and General Charles Mangin are in favor of ordering a frontal assault to reclaim Fort Douaumont, which the Germans have captured. Their superior, General Henry Phillipe Petain is against the idea. The troops are undersupplied and outnumbered. He is overruled by French Commander-in-Chief General Joseph Jasques Joffre, who is under pressure from both politicians and the public for a quick resolution to the war. Indy is dispatched to the front with orders for the attack to be delivered to Colonel Barc. However, due to downed communications lines, the charge doesn't begin until after the French artillery fire ceases. The troops charge, but without the benefit of covering fire they are slaughtered by the Germans and their machine guns. No ground was gained and the French lost six hundred soldiers. Indy returns to the command late at night with the news from the front. The report reaches the generals who are dining in rather elegant surroundings. Nivelle is furious with the results. Meanwhile, Indy and the other couriers try to figure out the reasons the war is being fought in the first place, but without a satisfactory answer. Indy is just disgusted with the whole affair. The next day Indy receives word that Remy has been wounded and goes to visit him at a nearby hospital. Remy confides in Indy that he is afraid of going back to the front, but Indy manages to convince him that if he refuses to go he'll be shot by a firing squad. Later, Indy is enroute to the front with a message when he is attacked by a German bi-plane. Indy is blown off his motorbike by a bomb and the plane leaves him for dead. When Indy returns to headquarters, all the couriers are asked as to who speaks German. Indy replies that he does. He is promptly assigned on a mission to spy on the Germans. That evening, Indy crawls across no man's land and takes up a position listening outside a German command bunker. There he overhears that the Germans have two Big Berthas, large howitzers, on the way. Before he can learn anymore, he is discovered and barely manages to escape. Indy gives his report to Barc who then takes him to General Nivelle. Nivelle doesn't believe Indy and orders an attack readied. Petain argues with Nivelle, saying that they should try to confirm Indy's report. Nivelle ignores him. The next morning, Indy sees troops heading out towards the front with Remy among them. The two friends talk, knowing that it might be the last time they ever see each other. Petain orders an aerial reconnaissance which confirms Indy's report. He tries to persuade Nivelle to call off the attack, but Nivelle says that he is under orders from Joffre. Petain takes it upon himself to send written orders to the front calling off the attack. When Joffre finds out, he is furious. He calls Colonel Barc at the front to reinstate the attack. Barc says that he can't until he has a written countermanding order. Joffre quickly writes one out and gives it to Indy to deliver. Joffre explains to Petain the pressure he is under. Petain finds it all repugnant. On the way to the front, Indy, already bothered by the cranage he's seen, reaches a decision. He fakes being in a motorcycle crash, destroying the attack orders. No one ever found out what he did and a few hundred soldiers lived another day. (YIJC - "Verdun - September 1916" - TV; The Mata Hari Affair - B; Field of Death - YAB; CB)

1916 October
On a two week leave from the front, Indy and Remy arrive in Paris looking for "adventure of the softer and sweeter kind." Remy knows of the best brothel in town and is anxious to take Indy there. Indy, however, has to visit friends of his father's, Professor Levi and his wife, and promises to meet Remy the next day. At the Levi's, Indy finds that Mrs. Levi has a full week planned with plenty of things for Indy to do. Unfortunately, they all sound frightfully dull and he makes an excuse to get out of them. However, he can't get out of going to a reception with them that night for the Under-Secretary to the Minister of War. While there, a gorgeous woman enters the room, catching everyone's eye. He is told that she is the infamous Mata Hari, an exotic dancer. There is a debate among some of the society members present as to whether her act is scandalous or not. Indy does manage to get to be introduced to her. Later, he follows her into a separate room where they talk. He lies and says that he's seen her dance. She asks him to dinner for in the evening. He goes to her hotel and finds that there is a note waiting for him. She has been delayed and would he wait in her room for her. As he goes upstairs, he is watched by a suspicious looking man in the lobby. The next morning, the watcher is still there when she comes back to find him asleep on the couch. She wakes him up and they call room service for breakfast. Things get cozier and they make love. Afterwards, she tells him that he seems to be untouched by the horrors of war and that he should go to Africa where it is safer. That afternoon, they go for a walk, unaware that they are being followed. She tells him to try and forget the war while he is on leave. He tells her that he loves her. They see some artists and Mata Hari tells Indy that she's always wanted to create something that will get people to talk. Perhaps that is why she dances. Indy wants to spend the evening with her, but she has a dinner party to go to. They make plans to meet afterwards. Later, Indy meets Remy at a cafe. He is there with two prostitutes. Indy apologizes for being late, saying that he's having a hard time getting away. They figure out that he's in love. That evening, Indy goes to Mata Hari's hotel room to wait for her. He finds some pictures of her with other men and a beautiful engraved silver jewelry box that was a gift from a wealthy count. When she finally returns at dawn, Indy is upset and asks who she was with all night. She thinks that he's being unreasonable as they've only known each other forty-eight hours. She calms him down and they make love. Later, she tells him that she has to move out of her country house as it has become too expensive to maintain. She needs to go out and supervise the workmen putting her things in storage and asks Indy to accompany her. As they sort through some things, Indy finds some of her old costumes and admits he never saw her dance. She changes and performs a highly erotic dance for him that ends with them in bed. Afterwards, she has to run some errands and leaves Indy in charge of the movers. They make plans to meet that evening. The movers give Indy a ride back to the hotel, but he just misses her. He finds an address on her dressing table and goes there to find her having dinner with another man. As they leave, he follows them, unaware that he is also being followed. They go down to a rather shady area of Paris, where Mata Hari takes her gentleman into an apartment building. He climbs up the side of the building to a window and peers in. When he sees them kiss, Indy loses his footing and falls into a pile of garbage below. Indy gets up and spots his shadower and attacks him. The other man's partner comes out and they place Indy under arrest. At police headquarters, Indy is in big trouble. They question him about his false name and age on his enlistment papers. They think he might be a spy. They also ask him about his time with Mata Hari. He tells them that he hasn't talked about the war. He tries to ask them what it is all about, but they won't say. They tell him to stay away from her and that his leave is canceled. He has twenty-four hours to report back to his unit. He goes to her hotel room, angry, and tells her what has happened. She is unconcerned whether they think she is a spy or not since she has friends in high places who will help her. Indy tells her that he feels like he has been used and they argue. Mata Hari tells Indy that he's too young to really know what is going on in their relationship. He tells her that he has to go back to the front in he morning. She softens, feeling genuinely sad and asks him to stay the night. Later, he gets up, dresses and leaves to return to his unit before she wakes up. (YIJC - "Paris - October 1916" - TV; The Mata Hari Affair - B)

1916 November
Indy and Remy, sick of the war in Europe, request and receive a transfer to Africa. Upon their arrival, they receive promotions to lieutenant. They are assigned to a unit stationed at Lake Victoria in Niarobi. However, they board the wrong train and end up in Moshi. They get directions for the right train, but still manage to board another wrong train. The second train breaks down and the engineer sets off to bring back a repair crew. Unfortunately, this will take about a week. Consulting a map, Indy finds another line running parallel to them ten miles east. He and Remy head out. While admiring the beautiful sunset, Remy realizes that they have been heading in the wrong direction. As they try to make their way back to the train, they find an allied camp staffed entirely by old soldiers. Indy and Remy ask to see the commanding officer who turns out to be none other than Captain Fredrick Selous, whom Indy had met when he was in British East Africa at age nine and Selous was hunting with Roosevelt. Indy explains to him the situation and Selous promises to take him to his commanders, General Jan Christian Smuts and Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen, and explain the situation. He takes Indy and Remy to a section of the front lines that is under heavy bombardment. Meinertzhagen figures that the Germans have a battleship cannon mounted on a railway flatcar. Before he realizes what has happened, Indy finds himself "volunteered" by Selous to be part of a group called the 25th Royal Fusiliers that is to find the train and destroy it. The other members of the group include Bernie Salt, naval expert, Big Mac, demolitions expert, Mr. Golo, an expert native tracker, Zoltan, a mechanic and Donald Parks, strategist. Selous is in command. Remy is furious when Indy tells him and is convinced that they will both be shot as deserters. The group set out on horseback. That evening, they make camp. Selous admits to Indy that they don't have much of a plan, and that they will just improvise. The Germans begin shelling and Selous times the shells' flights, estimating a location for the rail line. That morning, Indy accidentally gets the explosives wet. Big Mac is furious, but says everything should be all right even though he's not sure about the detonator caps. They set out and soon find a German camp set up along some rail lines. Waiting until dark, they walk right into the camp, posing as drunken soldiers. They split up and Indy is sent off to steal toilet paper. He also steals a car with Bernie. They meet the others outside of camp. They had procured a railway handcart. Indy and Bernie are given the handcart and the rest will take the car to the other end of the rail line. Starting at opposite ends, they'll push towards the center and find the gun. Indy and Bernie catch up to the gun train early the next morning. It fires once and then starts down the line. They race after it. Meanwhile, up the track, the others spot the train coming and hide. Indy and Bernie try to catch up to the train, but lose site of it when it disappears behind a hill. Eventually they come into sight of the others, but the train did not pass them. It has seemingly disappeared! While the others try to decide what to do next, Indy examines the toilet paper they stole, which is actually old documents being "recycled" due to the scarcity of paper. One of the documents is an order for forty miles of telegraph cable. They find the cable buried along side of the track and follow it. It leads to a dead end at the side of a cliff face. Further examination of the cliff face reveals that it is artificial, hiding the entrance to a cavern. They sneak in and find the train. Big Mac immediately begins supervision of the laying of the explosives. They have to hurry when some Germans begin to approach the train to prepare for another mission. They quickly set the timers and get to cover. Unfortunately, nothing happens due to faulty wiring in the timers. They have to go back and reset them. Selous manages to jump the shovelman, knocking him unconscious. Indy is to replace him in the engine's cab and try to delay the train's departure. Despite his best efforts, the train begins to pull out of the cavern with the rest of the group hanging onto the side. Big Mac and Zoltan go back and reset the timers. Indy throws the two engineers out of the cab so the others can get in. Soldiers further back on the train spot the engineers' "departures" and try to storm the engine. A fire fight ensues. They manage to separate the car with the soldiers from the front half of the train and make off with the gun. Indy suggests breaking through the German lines and taking the gun right back to the Allied lines. Unfortunately, the German have telegraphed ahead. They manage to blow up a section of track and send soldiers down to meet the train. The group stops the train and manages to escape under the cover of steam. From a couple of hundred yards away, they witness the German troops arriving and disarming the explosives. Selous takes out a sharpshooter's rifle, intending to shoot and detonate the dynamite. Indy is skeptical of him making the shot, however, Selous manages to do it. The train explodes and they head back to Allied lines. Remy is glad to see Indy for he is anxious about rejoining their unit. Meanwhile, General Smuts is telling the others about the chance to capture General Paul Von Letow-Vorbeck, a German officer who has been a thorn in the Allies' side. Indy arrives and asks the General for a letter to his commanding officer explaining the circumstances of their tardiness. Selous convinces Indy to take an alternate route to Lake Victoria and that they'll accompany him on the trip. They neglect to tell Indy that the new route will bring them close to where the reports saw Von Letow-Vorbeck is. Since they'll be passing through German territory, they disguise themselves as Boer settlers. Remy is not happy with the plan, especially since he's the one who has to wear the dress. On the first day out, they spot and overtake a German courier. It is a woman by the name of Margaret. Selous knows her and her mother, who is one of the finest aviators in Africa. They take her prisoner and make camp that night. Indy takes Margaret something to eat and tries to engage her in conversation. She tells Indy that they'll never catch "him," but he doesn't know what she is talking about. He asks Selous about it, but he feigns ignorance. The next day they encounter a German patrol. They hide Bernie and Margaret in a secret compartment, however, their disguises don't fool the Germans and they are taken prisoner. The wagon is searched, but Bernie and Margaret are not found. At the German camp, they are brought before Von Letow-Vorbeck who recognizes Selous. They exchange some polite compliments before Von Letow-Vorbeck orders them to be shot in the morning. Until then they are placed in a prison cell. Later that night, Bernie emerges from the hidden compartment and makes his way to where the group is being held. Knocking out the guard, he frees them. They sabotage the Germans' motor pool and reconnaissance plane so they can't be followed. They take one car for their own escape. Selous decides that they should try to kidnap Von Letow-Vorbeck. They sneak into his tent and take him easily. Meanwhile, Margaret has kicked her way out of the compartment and sounded an alarm. The group splits up, leaving Indy and Remy with Von Letow-Vorbeck. They take cover in a large basket which turns out to be a balloon gondola. As the German soldiers get closer, Indy launches the balloon. It floats to where the others are waiting with the car, but Indy can't get it to land. With the German soldiers closing in, the others have no choice but to make their escape. Indy gets the balloon high enough to make their own escape. The next day, Von Letow-Vorbeck is becoming increasingly disgusted with Indy and Remy's ineptitude. He checks his compass and tells them that they are heading for German territory and that he'll be glad to accept their surrender. They take the compass to check for themselves and find that they are actually heading towards the north which is Allied territory. Just then, some pursuing German troops come into range and begin to open fire, puncturing the balloon. Despite Indy's frantic attempts at patching and Remy throwing over the ballast, they lose altitude and the balloon starts skimming the ground. Indy has to fight off the few soldiers daring enough to try to board the balloon. It seems hopeless when the balloon suddenly gets swept into an updraft and floats out over a cliff, stranding their pursuers. As Indy finishes patching the balloon, Margaret shows up in the repaired reconnaissance plane. Remy pulls out a heavy machine gun and manages to hit the plane, disabling it. As she comes around for one last pass, Indy tries his hand at the machine gun. Unfortunately, it walks up on him and he winds up shooting the balloon to ribbons. The craft makes a soft crash landing. They must now proceed on foot. As they walk, Von Letow-Vorbeck tells how he has managed to run circles around the Germans for the last two years. He explains that the soldier has two imperatives - one is to follow orders and the other is to stay alive. The next day, they encounter some tribesmen who look threatening. They try to run for it, but are followed. Indy gives Von Letow-Vorbeck a gun as a gesture of trust. The tribesmen have the three surrounded, when Margaret appears and buzzes them in the repaired reconnaissance plane. The tribesmen flee in terror. She lands and Von Letow-Vorbeck tries to escape to the plane. Indy pulls a gun on him and Margaret pulls her gun on Indy. Remy is pointing his rifle at Margaret. They are trapped in a standoff and German soldiers can be seen coming in the distance. Following Von Letow-Vorbeck's logic, Indy concludes that since he has no specific orders concerning Von Letow-Vorbeck his first responsibility is to stay alive. He lets Von Letow-Vorbeck go. In return, he gives Indy and Remy his compass and promises to call off the soldiers. Two days later, Indy and Remy are still making their way back to Allied territory when they find Selous and the rest of the group. Selous offers them a ride. They just might have to make a stop or two along the way. (YIJC - "Young Indiana Jones and the Phantom Train of Doom" - TV)

1916 December
Indy and Remy finally make it to their Belgian unit near Lake Tanganyika. They are assigned to a company of native Askaris under the command of Major Boucher. During an attack, Indy sees an opening in the German defenses and rallies the men to charge, even though Major Boucher has ordered a retreat. During the charge, Indy goes down, seemingly shot. After a moment he gets back up and continues the charge. He single-handedly captures a machine gun nest and turns it on the Germans. A rout ensues. It turns out that the bullet that hit Indy was actually reflected off of the locket he received from Princess Sophie when he was a child. This earns the respect of the natives who now view Indy as one with powerful ju-ju, or magic. Boucher, however, is furious with Indy, but since his actions helped defeat the Germans in the area, he is given a promotion to captain. Major Boucher receives orders that he is to lead his company on an expedition across the Congo to get much-needed weapons and supplies from Cape Lopez, a trip of over two thousand miles. Indy is not thrilled at the prospect of the trip or of spending so much time with Boucher. However, their commanding officer, Colonel Mathieu, feels that they'll temper each one's personality. The company sets out, but the way is hard. They travel across desert and jungle, occasionally losing men to accident or disease. Along the way, they come across an apparently deserted village. Upon investigation, they discover that everyone has died from small pox with the exception of one small child. Boucher orders the child left behind in order to avoid infecting the company. Indy disagrees but is overruled. Indy's sergeant, Barthelemy, complains but Indy has his orders. The company presses on. Some men start to fall sick from yellow fever. Boucher orders these men left behind with limited rations and orders to make it back to the base. Again Indy clashes with Boucher, but backs down. When the company stops and sets up camp for the night, Indy discovers that Barthelemy has snuck the Ubangi child along. As much as he hates to, Indy tells Boucher. Again, Boucher orders the child to be left behind. The next morning when the company forms up, Barthelemy has the child with him. He refuses to leave him behind even when ordered by Boucher. The rest of the company stand with him. Faced with such insubordination, Boucher begins to rant and act irrational. Indy is forced to take command. They continue on with the child. By Christmas Eve, most of the men still alive have fallen sick. Indy begins to wonder if they'll ever reach Cape Lopez. (YIJC - "German East Africa - December 1916" - TV; Trek of Doom - YAB; CB)1916" - TV; The Mata Hari Affair - B; Field of Death - YAB; CB)

1917 January
When Boucher falls ill, Indy orders a litter built over Boucher's objections. They finally reach Franceville, the beginning of the last leg of their journey. Here, they hire Sloat to take them to Cape Lopez, five hundred miles down river. Along the way, their boat is attacked by a group of deserters. Barthelemy is wounded but the boat is saved from running aground when the Ubangi child takes the rudder and steers it to safety. Further down the river they pass a hospital, but Sloat says that it is run by a German. Boucher orders them to continue. More men die. Finally Cape Lopez comes into view, but Boucher dies before they can dock. His last order to Indy is to wire the boat with explosives for the return trip and blow it up if the Germans try to capture it. The fort doctors examine the Ubangi boy and give him a clean bill of health. Barthelemy isn't so lucky, he dies from his wounds. Indy gives the boy to the missionary nuns to raise and tells them his name is Barthelemy. (YIJC - "German East Africa - December 1916" - TV; Trek of Doom - YAB; CB)
At Cape Lopez, Indy is told by the commander that he can't spare any men to help Indy with the return journey. Indy vows to make the return trip with the small band that is left. Remy thinks Indy is crazy for trying. They fight, but Remy capitulates. They load the weapons and supplies onto Sloat's boat. Sloat is not happy with Indy rigging the ship with explosives. They start backup the river, but the diseases that plagued them on the trip down continue to decimate the company. Soon, as all the crew is on the verge of death, the boat is boarded by a black man speaking German. A fevered Indy panics and tries to set off the explosives, but he is knocked unconscious. Her reawakens briefly to find himself being carried off the boat, but loses consciousness again. Indy reawakens to a German doctor who gives him some medicine and tells him he is not a prisoner. That night, Indy sneaks out to try to escape. The doctor comes out to the boat and tries to convince Indy to come back to the hospital ward, but he refuses. Later a woman comes out to see Indy. She introduces herself as Mrs. Schweitzer and the doctor is her husband, Albert Schweitzer. She has brought Indy some tea and tells him that he was unconscious for five days. The next morning, Indy awakens on the boat, unmolested. Schweitzer arrives to inform him that only five of his company have survived. Remy has lost two toes to jiggers. Indy apologizes to his friend saying that they never should have attempted the trip back. That evening, Indy dines with the Schweitzers. They discuss the reasons for the doctor's missionary work. A few days later, messengers arrive from a tribe upriver asking for help. Their chief's son is ill. Indy and Sloat take Schweitzer up river on the boat and Schweitzer is able to save the chief's son. Later, around a campfire, the chief asks about the war in Europe. Schweitzer has to put the idea of the devastating loss of life into terms that the chief would understand and tells him that more than ten men have been killed. This causes concern with the chief. When Indy and Schweitzer arrive back at the hospital, they find French soldiers rounding everyone up. They are under orders to expel all Germans from French territory. Indy tries to reason with the captain of the soldiers, but to no avail. Indy is also told that the guns are no longer needed. The entire trip, including the loss of life, was for nothing. As the boat with the Schweitzers slowly heads down the river towards Cape Lopez, the sick natives return to their tribes in the jungle to die. Back at Cape Lopez, Indy argues with the fort's commander, but again it accomplishes nothing. Indy is ordered to take the weapons back to Europe on the next available steamer. Indy and Remy go to see the Schweitzers off. Albert leaves Indy with some words of wisdom - "A little subversion is good for the soul." (YIJC - "Congo - January 1917" - TV; CB)

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