The Indiana Jones Timeline
Edited and Expanded by Allen Lane

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1872-1911: Early Adventures

1912-1915: Teenage Trouble

1916-1917: Trenches of Hell

1917-1918: Espionage Escapades

1918-1921: Winds of Change

1922-1960: Dr. Jones - Relict Hunter

1961-2000: A Century of Adventure


If anyone wishes to help out with the timeline by submitting entries please contact the editor of the timeline: Allen Lane <>.

There are still a number of Indiana Jones entries that need to be added as well as ones that need to be expanded. I am currently working on retooling and adding to the Young Indiana Jones entries in order to incorporate new footage from the video releases (and also redate some of the entries to mirror the order they are in on the videos). I can use all of the help I can get in other areas, though. Here is a list of some of the entries I'd especially like to get help on:

Entries that need to be added to the timeline:
(1) The Further Adventures Indiana Jones (Marvel Comics) - I'd like a separate detailed entry for each of the 34 issues
(2) French Indiana Jones comics
(3) World of Indiana Jones Role Playing Game modules
(4) Indiana Jones Find Your Fate books - I'd like a detailed synopsis of the "real" stoyline in it (not all the possible endings - only the one that follows the story through to the end successfully)

Entries I need expanded (to the approximate length and detail as my Young Indy entries):
(1) US Indiana Jones novels (adult series and Young Indiana Jones young reader series)
(2) German Indiana Jones novels
(3) Temple of Doom, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Last Crusade
(4) Dark Horse Indiana Jones comics (Since these were each presented in a miniseries format, I only need one entry for each series - not for each issue)
(5) Infernal Machine (Lucasarts game)
(6) Anything else that is official, but not currently included in the timeline

Naturally, anyone who contributes will get credit for their work.

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