The Indiana Jones Timeline: Espionage Escapades
Edited and Expanded by Allen Lane

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1917 February
Indy and Remy leave the war in Africa and return to France to join the Belgium intelligence division. After all of the horrors he's seen in the trenches, Indy wants to do whatever he can to put a stop to the war. Indy and Remy attend courses on spy tactics and Indy comes to realize that the Belgium intelligence unit is badly organized and ineffectual in comparison to the French and British intelligence services. (YOUNG INDIANA JONES - ATTACK OF THE HAWKMEN - TVM)

1917 March
Indy decides that if he and Remy are going to make a difference in the war at all, they are going to need to be transferred to the French intelligence service. Indy forges papers ordering him and Remy to be transferred to the French intelligence service and Remy delivers them. The two are called into the French secret service headquarters and are told that their service records in the Belgium army are outstanding as are the forged papers requesting their transfer. Just as the two begin thinking that they are going to end up in jail, they are told that the intelligence service can use men like them. The two are asked if they can cook and Remy says that he can. They are also asked if they have any experience with airplanes. Indy says he does even though he hates flying for fear of ending up with housekeeping duty. Remy is assigned to be an intelligence contact at a cafe in Brussels and the main contact with the Belgian Underground. And Indy is ordered back to the Western Front to do photographic reconnaissance for the 124th Squadron, a group of volunteer American pilots fighting for the French army, until a new assignment comes in. Remy sees Indy off as he prepares to leave for his own assignment in Belgium. Indy arrives at the squadron base and meets Raoul Lufbery who tells Indy that he'll be flying with Lt. Harold Green and taking photos, not analyzing them. Indy meets the members of the 124th Squadron, one of whom is Hobie Baker, who Indy used to run errands for at the college his father taught at. Indy learns that the longest any reconnaissance photographer has last with the squadron has been eight days. The next day, Indy is about to take a photo of the squad when the French flying ace Charles Nungesser lands. Indy is told he's the best in the squad, but after looking at the number of bandages he has on, Indy thinks he looks more like a walking accident. Later, the squad is informed that General Nivelle needs photos taken of a reported arms build up at the railroad yard in Ham which is about 40 kilometers behind the line. Indy gets his first taste of the dangers involved in flying low over enemy territory while trying to take photos. He manages to get the photos taken, but a squadron of German fighters attacks them. The plane Indy is in is hit and the Green thinks the wheels might have been shot off. He orders Indy to climb out on the wing to see if the wheels are still there and Indy barely manages to hang on as Green is forced to flip the plane around to avoid German fire. In the process, however, Indy gets a close up look at the wheels which are still there. Their plane is shot once again and they are forced to make an emergency landing in German territory. Green is shot in the arm as they run from the crashed plan and both men are captured by the Germans. Baron Manfred von Richthofen, the ace German fighter pilot who would later become known as the "Red Baron", lands and claims the crashed plane as his trophy and Indy and Green as his prisoners since he shot them down. Green is taken to a hospital and Indy is invited to von Richthofen's castle to be his "guest" for lunch. Back at the 124th Squadron base, the other men report in and Hobie immediately heads back to search for Indy and Green. At the Baron's castle, Indy is told by von Richthofen's brother how the Baron lives to hunt and how they are like knights adorned with colorful scarves and the fighter planes are their steeds. Indy asks why they don't just paint their planes red. Von Richthofen asks Indy if he knows Nungesser who shot down his brother. He tells Indy that he feels obliged to avenge his brother and Indy watches as he writes a challenge for Nungesser to aerial combat. Later, Indy is sent to a German prison and von Richthofen orders his plane to be painted red. On the way to the prison, Indy manages to escape and commandeer a German car. Hobie spots him from his plane and manages to pick him up. The two arrive back at the base just as a German plan flies by dropping von Richthofen's challenge to Nungesser. Nungesser is in Paris, so the rest of the squad goes to bring the challenge to him. Nungesser accepts the challenge and asks Indy to accompany him to take photos of his victory. Indy reluctantly agrees and flies with Hobie as they and Nungesser head off to the designated sight the next day. Nungesser manages to shoot von Richthofen, but Indy and Hobie are not certain if the plan went down. A full German squadron suddenly attacks them and Nungesser is shot down. Indy and Hobie return to the base and develop the film which confirms that Nungesser shot down von Richthofen. Nungesser is brought back to the base having been rescued from No Man's Land where his plane went down. He tells them that he thinks von Richthofen managed to land. Back in Germany, Anthony Fokker, the leading German designer of fighter planes, shows von Richthofen the new fighter he has designed, the Fokker DR-1 Triplane, which is much more powerful than the Baron's Albatross which Nungesser shot down. Back at the base, Nungesser says goodbye to Indy as he heads back to Paris, but promises to be back in time to take Indy back to Paris himself when Indy's assignment is up. Von Richthofen sees the picture Indy took of his plane going down in the newspaper and tells his brother that next time he will shoot the cameraman down first. (YOUNG INDIANA JONES - ATTACK OF THE HAWKMEN - TVM)

1917 April
Indy manages to survive on many reconnaissance missions over the next week, but on the last day of his assignment the squad is called in by Lufbery and told about a possible new German airfield that intelligence has learned of. They believe it to be the homebase of the recent night bombings that have been made by the Germans. Indy is ordered to fly with Hobie and get pictures of the airfield to determine exactly where it is. The 124th Squadron flies over the enemy lines and Indy gets the pictures taken, but von Richthofen and a squadron of German fighters attack. Richthofen shoots up Indy and Hobie's plane and they begin to plummet towards the ground. At the last minute they manage to pull out of their fall and land the plane back at the base. Indy prepares to leave and is told by Hobie and Raoul that Wilson has declared war on Germany and America is now in the war. Raoul tells Indy that the 124th squadron will be turned over to the Americans. Indy tells them that he just hopes he never has to fly again. Just then, Nungesser shows up to take Indy back to Paris. On the way, Nungesser tells Indy that he's been given a special assignment. Nungesser drops Indy off at the French Intelligence Headquarters. Indy reports in and is told of his next assignment: to contact Fokker and persuade him to defect to the French. He is to tell Fokker that if he accepts, another agent will arrive and make arrangements to get him out of Germany. He is told to report to room 13B for debriefing. Indy goes to 13B and is given his travel papers to Hannover and his new identity to travel under. Indy is then told to go to room 13C. He does so and is given a full compliment of spy-related items hidden in his clothing such as maps hidden in his suit, materials to make a camera hidden in his right shoe and a retractable knife hidden in his left shoe. He is also given a suitcase and a vial of invisible ink and told to go on to room 13A. In 13A, Indy is told that he should try to reach Fokker at a hotel in Hannover where he will be staying on his way to a German military base. Indy is given the letter for Fokker detailing the French government's offer and is told he will leave for Hannover that night. Indy finds that the pilot who is flying him to Hannover is Charles Nungesser. Indy is upset to find out that he won't actually be landing in Hannover, but instead has to parachute down. Indy lands in the middle of town and manages to hide the parachute before he can be discovered. He checks in to the hotel that Fokker is staying at, but finds out that he has arrived just as Fokker is leaving. Indy is unable to deliver the letter, so he follows Fokker onto a train heading to Ahlhorn. Fokker is traveling with German military officers Admiral Werner and General von Kramer and thus the only way Indy is able to contact Fokker is by dressing as a steward and slipping a note into Fokker's pocket. They arrive at Ahlhorn and Indy posses as Fokker's valet in order to accompany Fokker and the German's heading to the military base. Meanwhile, Nungesser is waiting in Hannover for Indy and decides that if Indy doesn't show by nightfall he will have to leave. Indy brings Fokker's bags to his room and at last gets to speak with him. He gives Fokker the letter, but Werner and Von Kramer arrive for Fokker with aircraft designer William Forssman and a compliment of German military officers before Indy can get a reply. Indy hides as Fokker is told by Forssman that he has designed a new aircraft fighter which will be arriving later in the day. Fokker heads out with them and Indy writes a letter to French Intelligence which appears to be a request for a hotel reservation, but in invisible ink contains a warning of the new secret weapon. Indy is able to meet with Fokker again later and Fokker tells Indy that he is not interested because the money the French are offering is too little and the facilities in Germany are far better. Indy tries asks him if he cares if his work is put to the use of good or evil. Fokker tells Indy that science thrives in the times of war due to the money government's put towards weapons development and in the end humanity as a whole benefits from the advances in technology. He tells Indy to leave, but on the way out Indy steals Fokker's cigar box. Indy sneaks into the barracks and steals a German uniform. He turns the cigar box into a makeshift camera with the supplies he was given by French Intelligence. Baron von Richthofen arrives at the Ahlhorn base to see Forssman's invention. Indy bluffs his way into one of the cars headed towards the airfield to see the invention. Once there Indy witnesses the arrival of Forssman's monstrosity, a gigantic triplane with ten engines that can fly from Germany to New York in order to drop bombs. Fokker claims that if he is allowed to work on it he can make it fly twice as far. Indy takes pictures of it from the top of a hanger, but von Richthofen spots him. German soldiers rush Indy, but a shot from a soldier's gun ignites fuel stored in the hanger. Indy escapes in the confusion and the fire ignites the hydrogen stored in the hanger for the Zeppelins. The resulting explosion takes out the entire airfield including the Forssman's new aircraft. Indy steals a motorcycle and makes his way back to Hannover where he arrives just in time to catch Nungesser before he leaves and the two head back to Paris. (YOUNG INDIANA JONES - ATTACK OF THE HAWKMEN - TVM)

1917 Late April
Indy is run off the road while on his bike by a car dirven by two young men as he rides to French intelligence service headquarters to learn of his next assignment. When he arrives, he learns he is there to meet the two young men who ran him off the road. They are a bit disappointed in him as Indy does not fit their idea of a spy. Indy learns that they are the Princes Xavier and Sixtus of Borbon-Parma and he has been assigned to escort them to meet with their brother, Emperor Karl I, in Vienna. The Emperor wishes to negotiate a separate peace with France and Britain. Such a move would seriously weaken Germany and help bring the war to a rapid close. At the railstation, the three are given forged papers and told that once they are in Austria to await contact from an operative named Schultz. On the train, Indy is upset with the brothers' carefree attitude. He takes from Sixtus a letter written by their sister Empress Zita and burns it. If they had been discovered with the letter they would have definitely been shot as spies. At the Austrian boarder, they separate to pass through the checkpoint. Indy and Xavier make it through, but Sixtus is taken by the secret service. Xavier starts to panic, but Indy calms him and gets him on the train. Sixtus rejoins them as the train begins to pull away from the checkpoint. Evidently, the secret service thought he was someone else. Indy thinks they might have let him go in order to shadow the trio. Just then a large woman enters the compartment and sits down, curtailing any further conversation. Later, a conductor enters to punch tickets, but takes Xavier's and Sixtus's. Indy follows the conductor to another compartment and questions him. It seems that there is some mix up with their compartment assignments. Indy goes to return to the compartment, but finds it empty except for one man. The man makes what Indy interprets as a threatening move and Indy attacks him. All he was reaching for was his cigars. Indy apologizes, realizes he is in the wrong compartment and heads off to the right one. Outside of Vienna, the three get off the train and await contact from Schultz. The large woman approaches them and identifies herself. She gives them new identity papers, that of Austrian soldiers on leave, and a car. She instructs them to drive to an address in Vienna and to introduce themselves as "friends of Frederick." They arrive at the address to find police carrying out bodies. An officer tells them that they have just smashed a spy ring. As they begin to drive away, a mysterious man gets into the car and instructs them to drive. All this is watched by a menacing-looking Prussian. The man introduces himself as Mr. Max and a friend of Frederick. He takes them to a cafe where he hands them over to two men. Indy is distrustful of the whole set up. Max leaves them, but is followed. The three are taken by car to a hunting lodge out in the country. There, in the basement, they finally meet Emperor Karl. Count Czernin, the foreign minister is summoned. Xavier and Sixtus tell them that France and Britain want peace, but with three concessions: (1) Austria must support certain French land claims, (2) Austria must recognize Belgian sovereignty, and (3) Austria must grant Serbia sovereignty. Czernin has some misgivings. He feels that the Kaiser would label their actions as treasonous. They have to balance the consequences of breaking their alliance with Germany with the war continuing. Karl also doesn't want to be known as the last Emperor of Austria. The Count says he will draft an acceptance letter. The letter the Count writes is vague. He says that they have to be able to have a fall back position in case the Kaiser finds out. Despite his misgivings about it, Karl signs it. The next day as the trio prepare to leave, Karl slips Indy another letter. Karl agrees to the demands and is suing for peace. Back in Vienna, they arrive at Mr. Max's but find him dead. They are ambushed by the Prussian's men and escape into the sewer after a chase across the rooftops and alleyways. They manage to get to the train, but are going to have a problem getting across the boarder with no new identity papers and still dressed as Austrian soldiers. At the last stop before the Austrian-Swiss boarder, the train is searched by the Prussian's men. The three hide in a women's bathroom to avoid detection. Indy is able to trick two of the secret service men into a trap as the train continues. He dresses Sixtus and Xavier up in their clothes and instructs them to get through the checkpoint and return the letter to France. The brothers get through the checkpoint just as the secret service men revive and sound an alarm. Indy is trying to sneak across the boarder on top of the train and manages to make it into Swiss territory where he immediately claims to be an Austrian deserter seeking assylum. He smiles at the Prussian man as he is taken away to safety. (YIJC - "Austria - March 1917" - TV; The Secret Peace - YAB; CB)

1917 May
Indy is stationed in Barcelona, Spain. There he meets his colleagues in a cafe. They are Marcello, an Italian, Saul, a Frenchman and Cunningham from Great Britain. The three tell Indy that their ongoing assignment is to try to influence neutral Spain into the war on the side of the Allies. Their German opposites are being led by a Colonel Schmidt, who is Germany's cultural attache to Spain. They also inform Indy to get a job somewhere in the city, for cover. As he wanders the city in search of employment, Indy sees a poster advertising the El Ballet Ruso and that an old acquaintance, Pablo Picasso, is doing the set decorations. He goes to the theater and is reunited with Picasso, who first mistakes Indy for Norman Rockwell. Picasso introduces Indy to Mr. Diaguilev, the head of the ballet who, after making Indy remove his pants so he can see Indy's legs, offers Indy a job. Unfortunately, it is as a dancer in the ballet, playing a eunuch in a production of Scherazade. Indy returns to their headquarters, located under a barber shop, and tells the other three of his attempts at finding a job. They tell him that he should keep the position at the ballet. Schmidt has fallen in love with the chief ballerina. They're convinced that there is no better cover for him. The next day, Indy meets the chief ballerina, Nadia. Schmidt also arrives to court Nadia, but winds up exchanging cross words with Picasso before she can separate the two. That evening, Indy and Cunningham are at the harbor observing boat movements. Cunningham stresses to Indy the importance of keeping track of the movements of German submarines, even though it seems to Indy that he's turned it into a hobby similar to train spotting. Cunningham also congratulates Indy on his work so far, but is disappointed that Schmidt isn't in love with a duchess or other royalty. That would really cause a scandal. Indy suggests that they create the illusion that Schmidt is having an affair with a Contessa. In other words, they set him up. The next day during practice, Indy sneaks into Nadia's dressing room to steal one of Schmidt's love letters. He is almost caught by Nadia's costumer, but she is nearly deaf and doesn't hear him. Nadia does catch him in her dressing room, but he manages to sweet talk his way out of trouble and land a date for lunch as well. He also manages to steal one of Schmidt's letters right out from under Nadia's nose. Back at headquarters, Marcello forges a copy of the letter, but addresses it to the Contessa of Toledo. The plan calls for them to make the Count think that Schmidt is infatuated with the Contessa, starting the scandal they need. The next day Indy picks up Nadia for lunch. She spots him sneaking the letter back to where he got it, but doesn't say anything until they have eaten. Indy says he read the letter because he is jealous of the count. Nadia appears to be touched and changes the subject. Later, Marcello impersonates Schmidt and stops the Contessa for directions. Appearing grateful, he kisses her hand, which does not go unnoticed by the Count's chauffeur. Later, the chauffeur goes to pick up the Count, but is stopped by a diversion set by Saul and Cunningham. Indy sneaks into the car to plant the forged letter, but winds up getting trapped inside. He is able to escape without being discovered. The Count discovers the letter and is infuriated. That evening before the ballet's performance, Nadia discovers that her letter was traced. She writes a note to Schmidt warning him and gives it to the old costume lady to deliver. Indy goes to see Nadia, but she brushes him off. He discovers that she knows about the plan and has sent a message to Schmidt. He can't get to the other three to tell them as he is rushed onto stage as the ballet begins. Meanwhile, Marcello, Saul and Cunningham sit in one of the private balconies. They send a note to Schmidt, allegedly from the Contessa, whose acknowledgment is noticed by an irate Count. On stage, Nadia notices that the old costume lady is heading in the wrong direction. She tries to signal her, but to no avail. On stage, Indy tries to signal the other three to intercept the old woman and the note. Meanwhile, the trio have sent Schmidt another note, whose response further infuriates the Count. Indy succeeds in signaling the trio in Morse code by flashing a spotlight off of a jewel on his costume's codpiece. Being the Ballet Ruso however, Indy's pelvic gyrations are interpreted as part of the show and he is given a standing ovation. The trio are unsuccessful at stopping the old woman, but she delivers the note to the wrong box anyway. After the ballet, an enraged Count challenges Schmidt to a duel. Nadia tries to warn Schmidt but is stopped by Indy who ties her up and puts her in a closet. Indy then tells the other three what happened and they are ecstatic. An hour or so later, Indy has changed and lets Nadia out of the closet. She tells him that Schmidt is an American double agent and that she's his contact. Indy takes her to headquarters where they get confirmation of her story. By the time the verification arrives however, it is almost time for the duel. Marcello, Saul and Cunningham immediately hatch a number of ludicrous plans to stop the duel, but Nadia suggests telling the truth. In order to do that, they have to go to the theater to get the letter that Marcello forged. Upon searching Nadia's dressing room for it to no avail, they race down to the basement and retrieve it before it is burned with the trash. They race to the bullfight arena and stop the duel just as the bullets are about to fly. After some quick explanations, the duel is called off. This puts the four spies back to where they started. (YIJC - "Barcelona - May 1917" - TV)

1917 June
Contrary to popular belief, the communists didn't topple the czar. He was overthrown by the starving masses of Russia at the beginning of the year. The provincial government, lead by Kurinski, are trying to decide on what kind of government to install, although they are leaning towards democracy. However, followers of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin are increasing and calling for a communist government. If Lenin were to come to power, he would pull Russia out of the war. Such a movement would allow Germany to commit all of its soldiers to the European front and quickly overrun the French. It is because of this that Indy has been assigned to the French embassy in Petrograd. He is to help other members of French Intelligence determine when the Bolsheviks are going to make their move. While there, he befriends several local students who are very passionate about their political beliefs. (YIJC - "Petrograd - July 1917" - TV)

1917 July
Indy is buried deep in the Embassy's basement working at decoding and translation, though he'd much rather be out in the field. He disagrees with his colleague Brossard's analysis that the Bolsheviks are planning to move soon. Indy feels that the Bolsheviks are still too small to be a serious threat. One day as he is decoding communiquÇs, Indy comes across a message which alarms him. He goes and meets two friends of his, Sergei, a deserter from the Russian army and Irena. Both of them are at a demonstration. Indy warns him not to go, but can't say why. Sergei agrees. Later, the French Ambassador calls a meeting of the Intelligence Staff. He feels that the provincial government is hanging on by its fingertips and that there could be an insurrection within the next two weeks. Given Lenin's threats to pull Russia out of the war if he came to power, both the ambassador and the provincial government would like any information that they can get. Indy spends the rest of the day collecting leaflets from around the city. That evening, Indy meets with Sergei and some other of his friends. One of them, Boris, tells of a roundup of deserters at the Embassy and Indy doesn't ask what goes on at the Bolshevik meetings. Later, Indy heads back to the embassy where he spends the rest of the evening analyzing the leaflets he collected. The next day he meets with his friends again. One of Irena's friends, Rosa, has a crush on Indy. She invites him to a Mozart recital that evening. However, when they get to the theater, they find that it has been canceled. Instead, they go for a walk throughout the city, ultimately winding up back at Indy's apartment, where Sergei and the others have set up a surprise birthday party for him. As they cut the cake, there is some good natured ribbing about the nature of capitalism and communism. Afterwards, they take Indy to hear Lenin speak. At the rally, Lenin denounces the war to an enthusiastic crowd. As people leave the hall after Lenin finishes, Indy overhears two men arguing about the timing of the revolution. Making excuses, Indy leaves the group and sneaks into Bolshevik headquarters. He snoops through the printshop and finds a flyer calling for the workers to rise up, but there are no dates on it. He is almost caught by two guards, but manages to escape back to the embassy. There, he confers with Brossard who thinks that the Bolsheviks will strike when the steelworkers are ready to join them. Indy disagrees. He goes home around dawn to find Rosa waiting for him. She confesses her love for him, but while he is flattered, he tells her that he doesn't feel the same way about her. She mentions that Sergei will be talking to some steelworkers today. Indy confronts Sergei. He knows that there are more meetings planned for the next forty-eight hours than in the last few weeks. He wants to know if the revolution is coming. Sergei understands Indy's position, but denies that the revolution is emanate. Lenin has just left the country to rest in Finland. Sergei asks him what kind of revolution starts when its leader is out of the country. Sergei also states that the majority of the Russian people aren't ready to embrace the revolution yet. Later in the day, the French Ambassador calls a meeting, asking for appraisals of the situation. Indy refutes Brossard's arguments by telling them that Lenin is out of the country. A report arrives to confirm what Indy has just said. The ambassador is impressed and pleased. A few hours later, Indy and Prostrate are summoned from the basement to the Ambassador's crisis room. An uprising began an hour ago. As they arrive, reports are coming in from all over the city - bridges are blocked, Lenin is returning From Finland and Trotsky is addressing the crowds. Indy is assigned to man the phones, taking reports from field agents. He hears a report about Sergei inciting the steelworkers and grows angry that he was lied to. Other reports start to come in stating that Lenin has returned to help Trotsky calm the crowds. They are telling people that it is not yet time for the revolution. Other reports state that the Cossacks have sided with the provincial government and are ready to fire on any marchers. The people are listening to the Bolshevik leaders and a bloodbath is inevitable. Indy goes to Sergei to warn him against marching, but is unheeded. Disgusted, he heads home where he meets Rosa. he tells her all about what has happened and she decides to try to talk to Sergei herself. He follows her. Along the way, they see Cossack snipers along the rooftops. They reach the square, shouting a warning just as the snipers open fire. Sergei is one of the first to be shot and dies in a crying Irena's arms. All total, four hundred people died that day. Lenin fled the country and the revolution didn't happen until later in October. (YIJC - "Petrograd - July 1917" - TV; Revolution! - YAB)

1917 August
After the revolution, Indy is pulled back from Russia. Indy meets with his espionage counterparts and is told that due to his outstanding performance in the field he has been reassigned by French Intelligence to work for Colonel Clouseau. Indy heads to Amsterdam to meet his contact and find out the details of his mission. His contact, disguised as a blind man, tells him he has to go to Prague in the heart of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, set up residence in an apartment and wait for a phone call from a double agent which will come in three days. He is told that the phone call is of momentous importance in helping to end the war. He travels to Prague disguised as a ladies underwear salesman named Amadeus Shooblegrueber. Upon arriving in Prague, Indy meets Clouseau, who is disguised as a street merchant, and gets the key to the apartment he is to receive the phone call in. Indy immediately falls asleep in the apartment and awakes the next morning to discover that the apartment's phone was removed by the authorities. Indy is told to go to the Ministry of Telephones in order to get a phone installed. After getting sent back and forth between the different departments in the Ministry of Telephones, Indy is told that his phone needs to be reported as stolen and is given a form which needs four stamps from four different places in order to get a new phone put in the apartment. The form, after getting the first stamp on it, accidentally blows out an open window and Indy risks his life chasing after it. Finally retrieving the form, Indy heads to the police department to get the first of the four stamps he needs. After arriving at the police station Indy is given a ridiculously long form which he has to fill out twice in two different languages. Indy is then brought into an interrogation room and begins to worry that the police must have somehow found out that he is a spy. The police interrogate Indy and try to get him to "confess," however, Indy has no idea what he is supposed to be confessing to. Indy swears he is just trying to report a missing telephone. Indy ends up in court, is found guilty and is locked in jail. The next morning, Indy tells the guard that he's been imprisoned due to an error and is given a form to fill out. After filling out the form, Indy is released along with his original form and the stamp he needs on it. Indy then goes to the Ministry of Insurance to get the next stamp he needs only to find out that he first needs to fill out form "27A." Indy goes to four different offices trying to find it only to learn from Franz Kafka that form 27A was superseded by form 27B. Indy explodes at Kafka telling him all of the trouble he's been through and demands to get his phone only to find out that he's in the wrong office. Kafka decides to help Indy track down the form. They locate the filling cabinet that has the form it it, but learn that the cabinet is locked and the key has been lost. Indy and Kafka try bring the heavy cabinet to the basement so the janitor can unlock it and end up riding the cabinet down the winding stair case, destroying half of the building in the process. The cabinet smashes, Indy gets form 27B and his original form gets the third stamp. Indy returns to the Ministry of Telephones, gets the final stamp and is told that the phone will be installed the following morning. The phone is installed, however, the workers inform him that someone from the connections department will be along in a few weeks to connect it. Indy finally manages to get the phone hooked up by dangling outside of his third story window with seconds to spare only to receive the call from the double who agent who tells him that he has to go to Berlin and arrange to have a phone installed. (YIJC - "Prague - August 1917" - TV)

1917 October
The British forces have attacked the Turks in Gaza twice and failed. The General wants to be in Jerusalem by Christmas by taking Beersheba. Indy's old friend, T.E. Lawrence points out that that would mean crossing the desert and there's not a drop of water between them and Beersheba. Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen says that they could make it if the men travel light and make a lightening dash across the desert. The whole operation, however, will depend on the wells in Beersheba being full of water. They also will need to begin a major espionage campaign to make the Turks believe that they intend to continue their main attack on Gaza and put a trusted agent in Beersheba who speaks both Arabic and Turkish to keep a watch over the wells. Lawrence says he knows the man they want and he's working for French intelligence in Cairo. Indy's commander tells him he's been reassigned to the British and is to report to Meinertzhagen. Indy tells his commander that Meinertzhagen is the lunatic who almost got him killed in Africa when he was assigned to the 25th Royal Fusiliers to blow up a German train. Indy reports to Meinertzhagen and is taken bird watching with the Colonel and John "Jack" Anders who is part of the Australian Light Horse Brigade. The Turks attack them and Meinertzhagen is shot in the shoulder. The three manage to escape, however, the bag they were carrying with their orders is dropped and taken by the Turks. When the three return to the base camp, Indy learns that Meinertzhagen faked getting shot with the use of calf's blood and meant to have the Turks steal the bag which contains fake plans of an attack on Gaza. T.E. Lawrence arrives and Indy learns that he is the one who got Indy involved in this operation. Colonel Ismet Bey, head of the Turkish garrison in Beersheba and Captain Schiller, head of German intelligence, argue about whether or not the documents are legitimate. Schiller believes they are real and says he will inform General von Christenstein about the planned attack on Gaza. Bey, however, doesn't believe that they documents are real and decides to rig the wells with dynamite just in case the British plan on attacking Beersheba instead of Gaza. Back at the British base, Lawrence and Meinertzhagen explain to Indy how the 50,000 British troops that will march across the desert over a period of two days to attack Beersheba will only be carrying one canteen of water each and thus if they can't take Beersheba the same day they arrive with the wells intact and full of water they will be stranded in the middle of the desert and die. Indy's mission is to do everything he can to protect the wells. Indy and Ned talk over dinner and Indy tells him how he and his father don't talk much anymore. Jack arrives and introduces Indy to the rest of his troop. Later, Indy asks Jack why the Australians are not fighting in the war. Jack tells him that the British keep them in reserves most of the time because they don't trust them. Jack tells them how they are an infantry division that ride in quickly on their horses and then proceed on foot. Indy and Dex, one of the Australians, have a friendly horse race on the beach and Indy loses. The next day Ned and Meinertzhagen wake Indy and tell him that he is to travel to Beersheba disguised as a merchant and contact another agent named Kazim. He is given boots with a hidden knife in the right one and told he'll be traveling with another agent named Maya who will be traveling in the guise of a belly dancer. Indy practices throwing his knife before he heads out, but doesn't have any luck hitting the target. He says his goodbyes to Jack and the other Australians and leaves with Ned and Meinertzhagen. They meet up with Maya and Indy says goodbye to Ned. Maya asks Indy if they are heading to Gaza or Beersheba, but Indy tells her that is on a "need to know" basis and she'll be briefed when the time comes. They camp for the night and Indy again practices with his knife, but he still hasn't improved. The next day Jack tells the rest of his troop that they've just gotten orders to move out, but they haven't yet been told where they are headed. Indy arrives in Beersheba and bribes his way past the troops. He meets up with Kazim and learns about the wells being wired with explosives. Kazim tells him that so far Bey has been denied reinforcements from Gaza. Indy sends a courier pigeon back to the base with a note about the wells. Kazim points out Bey and Schiller to Indy who are eating in his cantina. Maya performs a belly dance and gives Bey one of her veils. After leaving the cantina, Bey removes the note from Maya hidden in the veil and learns that she still doesn't know where the British plan on attacking. Kazim tells Indy that tomorrow they will have to cut the wires to the wells individually. Indy meets with Maya and asks her to dance for Colonel Bey again tomorrow at exactly 1300 hours. Maya ask a if this means that the attack will be on Beersheba, but Indy doesn't confirm it. Indy and Maya spend the night together which causes Indy to arrive late for his meeting with Kazim. Kazim is caught digging up a wire at one of the wells as the British arrive at Beersheba. Bey tries contacting General von Christenstein to send troops from Gaza, but Schiller believes the British troops are a diversion for the real attack on Gaza and stops him from making the call. Australian Commander Harry George Chauver orders the British troops to advance and the Australian Light Horse Brigade to be kept in reserve. The attack begins and Indy writes a message to the British informing them that the plan has failed and Kazim has been arrested. He tells Maya that the real attack is at Beersheba and she shoots the pigeon carrying the message so the British won't have any warning that reinforcements will be arriving from Gaza. She brings Indy to Bey and informs them about the British attack. Schiller has Kazim brought in and tells Bey that he was beaten into admitting that the attack on Beersheba is a diversion and that they knew Maya was a double agent who they used to feed the false information to. Indy tries to stop Kazim from telling them that the real attack is on Gaza, but is unsuccessful. Indy breaks free and stabs Kazim in the chest with his knife. Indy is locked up and Kazim's body is removed. Schiller tells Bey that there will be no reinforcements. Chauver orders the Australian Light Horse Brigade to charge Beersheba instead of the British Cavalry in order to surprise the Turks. Kazim, far from dead, manages to slip away and manages to free Indy. They begin cutting the wires to the explosives as the Australians advance fast enough to ride in under the Turkish guns. Bey examines the knife Indy used to "kill" Kazim and finds out that it is a trick knife. Indy and Kazim manage to cut the wires around all of the wells except for one. Bey orders the wells to be blown up and the final well that Indy and Kazim were working on explodes. Indy tells Kazim that they need to stop them from rewiring the other six wells. Dex is shot dead as the Australians keep advancing. The Australians reach the garrison and begin fighting the Turks. Indy and Kazim go to the tower where the main switch board controlling the explosives is. Bey flees the garrison as Schiller holds off Indy and Kazim with a machine gun. Jack arrives on his horse and knocks the gun from Schiller's hands. Schiller runs into the tower and orders the explosives to be blown. Indy arrives just in time to shoot the Turk before he pulls the switch. Schiller jumps Indy and the two fight. Indy manages to shoot Schiller seconds before he can blow the explosives. The Light Horse Brigade manage to take the garrison. Indy tells Jack that it looks like they will be able to be in Jerusalem by Christmas to which Jack replies that he can't think of a better place he'd rather be at that time. The troops are finally able to relax and take a well deserved drink. (YIJC - "Palestine - October 1917" - TV)

1918 January
After an Austrian POW camp is attacked, Indy is sent to Romania to find a separatist general believed to be responsible. His group discovers a castle and locates the missing soldiers along with several others of various nationalities. While trying to leave, they meet the master of the castle, and Indy experiences another brush with the supernatural - the master is revealed to be a vampire that has created a personal army of undead soldiers. Indy succeeds in killing the vampire, Prince Vlad the Impaler, which frees the soldiers from Vlad's influence and allows them to finally rest in peace. (YIJC - "Transylvania - January 1918" - TV)

1918 July
Indy is stationed in the mountains of Northern Italy, sneaking behind the German lines trying to persuade Czech conscripts in the Austrian army to desert. To this end, he has been meeting with some soldiers in an abandoned tunnel, making plans for their defection. After one such meeting, he meets with another spy who gives him documents to take back across the lines. After he gets back across no man's land to the Italian side, he washes up and heads out to see his girlfriend Giulietta. On the way there, he hitches a ride with two American ambulance drivers. One of them notices Indy's Belgian uniform and makes fun of him. Indy pretends not to understand and replies with insults in French. When they arrive at the village, Indy thanks them for the ride in English, embarrassing the loudmouth and giving the other one a good laugh. When Indy goes to Giulietta's house outside of town, he presents her with a single red rose. As she goes to put it in water, her grandmother points out that another suitor brought her a whole bouquet of roses. She tells him that he'll have to do better. Later, Indy is drowning his sorrows at a bar, when in walks the other ambulance driver. He introduces himself as Ernest Hemingway. Indy tells Ernie his problems and that he's afraid that the other guy is winning. Ernie tells him that love is like war and that he should fight for his girl. The two get drunk and Ernie promises to help him. A few days later, Indy is back across the German lines to meet his group of potential deserters. When he gets to the meeting place, he finds it empty. One of them arrives and says that the others are held up in the reserve lines and won't be back until the next day. They'll cross over to the Italian side then. Back on the Italian side, Indy changes and goes to see Giulietta, armed with a dozen roses and three bars of soap as a present. The other man had bought a couple of bouquets of flowers as well as a box of chocolates. Indy suggests that they go for a walk, but they wind up being chaperoned by her grandmother. Indy wanted to be alone with Giulietta, so he runs, dragging her along. They lose her grandmother in the bustle of the village square. Up on a hillside outside of town, Indy impresses her with the danger that he faces. They kiss, but unfortunately her grandmother finally catches up with them. The next day across the German lines, Indy is told that the Germans are planning an offensive in seventy-two hours. He then leads the defectors across no man's land. The Germans open fire on their own, but the Italians fire back and the defectors make it across. That night at Giulietta's, she plays piano while her father plays the cello. Umberto, her brother, tells Indy that the other suitor plays cello as well. Indy tells her mother that he plays the flute, an instrument she finds romantic. She invites him for supper the next evening, the occasion being Giulietta's birthday. Later, he tries to borrow a flute from a musician. Unfortunately, modern flutes are different from the ancient ones Indy knows how to play. He has to settle for a soprano sax. Ernie tells him that he can't fail. The evening of Giulietta's birthday, Indy shows up armed with flowers, gifts and the sax. Her father is upset and rushes into the kitchen to confront her mother. He had invited the other suitor for dinner. When Giulietta hears the news she bursts into tears. While the family fights in the kitchen, the doorbell rings. Indy answers it and finds Ernie. It slowly dawns on them both that he is the other suitor. Before they can come to blows, the family arrives to announce that dinner is ready. During dinner, Indy and Ernie try to out do each other, both of them heaping compliments on the food. After the meal, Ernie excuses himself. Before Indy can say a word though, the sounds of the cello drift into the room. Giulietta goes into the living room and begins to accompany Ernie on the piano. Indy grabs his sax and the three break into a spirited version of The William Tell Overture. As Indy and Ernie leave, they get into an argument on the front lawn, vowing war. A few nights later, Ernie shows up to serenade Giulietta on the concertina. Indy arrives a few moments later with a small band of troubadours. Things begin to escalate between the two. Ernie intercepts a shipment of flowers from Indy. Indy puts itching powder in Ernie's shorts. Eventually, the two decide that they are getting no place with their fighting. They go to see Giulietta to have her choose between them. When they get there, they find her being fitted for a wedding dress. She is marrying an old friend - Alfredo. On the way back to the barracks, they argue, oblivious to the German planes bombing the road around them. Ernie catches some shrapnel in the leg. As Indy runs to help him, he gets caught in a blast and knocked unconscious. Ernie somehow manages to pull Indy to cover. As they recover in the Army hospital, Ernie gets the medal he's always wanted. Indy gets word that he's being shipped to Rome. They agree to look each other up after the war. They also agree never to chase the same girl again, just as a pretty nurse comes into the ward. (YIJC - "Northern Italy - July 1918" - TV)

1918 September
Indy has been stationed in Istanbul, Turkey where he is in charge of a small group of spies who are using the Balkan News Agency as a cover. His own cover is that of a Swedish journalist named Nils Anderson. Indy is to meet with the Turkish general Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and see if he would be interested in a separate peace with France. He also has a side bet going with one of his partners, Stefan, as to whether he will accomplish this or not. While there, Indy falls in love with Molly, an American schoolteacher working at an orphanage school, but hides his identity as a spy from her. One day, Indy is speaking at the orphanage and learns that he woman who runs the orphanage knows Kemal. He asks her to see about the possibility of an interview with him for an article on Turkish nationals. He also makes plans with Molly for a special dinner that night. At dinner, he asks her to marry him and she says yes. He doesn't have a ring, but gives her a bracelet instead. Later that night, Indy meets a contact in the an alleyway. He is told that "The Red Document" will arrive on Tuesday. Indy says that doesn't give them much time for what they have planned, but they have no choice. The next day, he finds out that Kemal has agreed to the interview. During the interview, he asks Kemal about Turkey's alliance with Germany. Kemal is not happy with it, stating that Germany's aims are different from Turkey's. He doesn't care what the Germans want, he just wants to maintain the integrity of Turkey. Indy asks him if he would be interested in a separate peace with France. Kemal gets a little suspicious and asks Indy if he has the authority to make such an offer. Indy hints that he does. Aware that his staff is listening to their conversation in the next room, Kemal tells him that he is in no position to consider such an offer. He then secretly makes plans to meet with Indy again. Back at the news bureau, Indy receives a message that their courier is to be met in a half an hour. With Stefan warning him to be careful, he rushes to meet him. While waiting at the drop-off sight, he sees the courier struck by a truck while crossing the street. Indy rushes to his side, but he is dead. The documents that he was carrying were in a briefcase, which was stolen. Indy calls a meeting of the entire station and tells them that the documents contained the French terms for a separate peace. The Turkish Army has become more disillusioned with the Sultan and would be willing to follow Kemal. But if people loyal to the Sultan got ahold of the documents, Kemal could be considered a traitor. They conclude that the only one who could have known of the documents arrival is Vescari, a black marketeer. The next day, a contact meets Indy and tells him that Vescari does have the documents, but will not sell them. He might have a deal with the Germans. Indy, Stefan and two others go to Vescari's apartment, but find him drowned in the bathtub. Indy hears a noise in the main room and is attacked by a man with a knife, who stabs him in the arm. They give chase to the man outside and up to the rooftops of the city. Indy and Stefan finally corner the man, who has the documents. He tells them that Vescari was tipped off by an insider from Indy's group. He tries to run, but Stefan hits him and he falls to the street below, dead. Indy calls another meeting at the station where he reviews the documents. They are not what he expected. If they had fallen into the wrong hands, Kemal would have definitely been branded a traitor. Indy doesn't trust anyone in the group and says he is having background checks run on everyone. He then hides the letter. Going to bed that night, Indy sleeps uneasily. Someone breaks into his apartment and searches quietly for something. Not finding it, the intruder leaves. The next morning, Molly visits Indy. She orders him to bed and dresses the wound properly. She comes back in the evening and makes him dinner. He tells her he was stabbed while gathering research for an article on the black market. They also discuss their wedding. She decides that she wants to spend the night. The next morning, he walks her back to the orphanage. It is raining and he gives her his overcoat. Along the way, they see a fortune teller and she asks if their love will last forever. The fortune teller says yes, but after they leave, she sees something else in the runes that distresses her. Later, Indy is walking to the office, when he feels that he is being followed. He turns, and a man gives him a slip of paper which tells him to be at a certain place at six o'clock. It is the rendezvous for his meeting with Kemal. He retrieves the documents from their hiding spot and tells Stefan where he is going. Stefan is against his going, but Indy is insistent. He tells Stefan that if anything happens, he's in charge. Stefan is the only one Indy trusts. At the rendezvous spot, Indy is met by two Turkish soldiers who take him to see Kemal. Indy gives him the document. Kemal reads it and is furious. It is not what he wanted or expected. Indy suggests negotiating with the French, but Kemal refuses. He will achieve his dream of a free Turkey on his own terms. Indy leaves. On his way home, Indy is stopped by one of his fellow spies, Sadallah. He tells him that he just received word from headquarters as to who the double agent could be. Before he can tell Indy, however, he is shot by a man in an alleyway. The police begin to arrive and Indy has no choice but to get away. He calls a meeting with the rest of the station. He has decided to shut down operations for a while and everyone is to lay low. Molly comes to him at the news agency, very upset. Her employer has received a letter calling Indy a spy for the French and wants to know if it is true. He tells her that he is and that the had to lie about things in order to protect her. She doesn't seem to understand and begins to cry. He tells her the truth about himself and that he loves her. She says that she feels hurt and betrayed. Leaving, she tells him that she never wants to see him again. Later, at the orphanage, Molly spends some time thinking. She then puts on Indy's overcoat and leaves. Meanwhile, Indy is still at the office, when gun shots rip through the door. They miss him and he runs into the street, headed towards his apartment. He knows he is being followed. At the apartment, he burns the documents and builds a dummy for the pursuer to shoot at. As he hides by the door, he hears the other man slowly start to enter and take aim at the dummy. Just then, the door downstairs opens and a figure wearing an overcoat walks in. Thinking it is Indy, the other man turns and shoots, hitting Molly, who had come to see Indy. Indy charges out onto the landing and sees that it is Stefan who was trying to kill him. Indy shoots him dead. He runs to Molly's side, but she is dying. She tells him that she still loves him and still wanted to get married. She then dies in his arms. (YIJC - "Istanbul - September 1918" - TV)

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